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The virtual convention will be hosted using Zoom video conference software. If you already have a zoom account, great! If not, please go to and create an account today! We ask that attendees join from a computer, laptop, or tablet (not call-in) and have a reliable internet connection (not mobile data) if you are participating in the virtual convention. Please familiarize yourself with the Zoom software and functions so we can have a smooth meeting. If you are unable to join using a computer, laptop or tablet, or if you require special assistance, please respond to this e-mail and let us know. We want to make sure everybody has an opportunity to participate! If you were already registered for the convention with a gold, silver, or business meeting ticket no action is necessary. If you haven't registered, you can for free today by clicking here. If you plan on registering the day of the virtual convention, please login early so we have time to verify your credentials. The virtual meeting room will be open at 9:00 am, one hour prior to the start of the meeting, and there will be a ten minute grace period after the "call to order" for members to join. The zoom link will be sent to registered participants on Friday and is also available by request.

Agenda 9:00AM REGISTRATION / / / 10:00AM CALL TO ORDER 1. Call to Order 2. Welcome from the Chair 3. Credentials & Procedures 4. Approve minutes from the 2019 Convention 5. Delegate Nominations 6. Delegate Elections 7. Raffle Drawing 8. Motion to Recess

Voting The only business that is on the agenda is the election of delegates to the National Convention. Per the LPWI By-Laws, we will be conducting the election using approval voting. In order to credential every voting member virtually, we will need to use your e-mail to conduct the elections using an online survey. Please check and verify the e-mail you'd like to use for voting on Saturday prior to the start of the meeting. If this e-mail is the one you plan on using to vote no action is necessary. We will verbally verify all e-mail addresses at the start of the virtual convention.

Refunds We will be issuing a full refund on the day of the convention unless you indicate otherwise. We plan on having a summer convention so if you'd like us to hold your ticket to see how that plays out, we are happy to. If you'd like a refund, no action is necessary, we will submit the refund on Saturday and your account will be credited within 3-5 business days. All guest rooms will automatically be refunded.

Raffles & Auctions Our volunteers are working diligently to mail in all raffle tickets that were sold so we can conduct our big ticket raffle during the virtual convention. If we are able to get all of the tickets together prior to Saturday, we will conduct the raffle for the guns, booze, avon and CBD as planned. If that changes, we will update you at the virtual convention and via e-mail. All other raffles and auctions will be postponed and conducted at a later time when things cool off.

Sponsors & Candidates Because we are postponing our in-person gathering, we will not be hosting sponsors and LNC/Presidential candidates on our virtual convention. We will use the limited time we have online this Saturday to promote Libertarian candidates here in WI. We hope to organize a virtual debate or discussion in the near future so we can give our delegates the access they need to make an informed decision. If you would like to take part in helping organize this effort please respond to this e-mail.

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