Document:Westminster Colorado Agenda Memorandum Libertarian Party Day 12 August 1996

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Agenda Memorandum To the Mayors and Members of City Council

Date: August 12, 1996

Subject: Proclamation re: Libertarian Party

Prepared by: Michele Kelley, City Clerk


A Proclamation designating August 15 as Libertarian Party Day in Westminster has been prepared to recognize the 25th anniversary of the Libertarian Party and acknowledgement of their beginnings within the City of Westminster.

Recently, Councillor Gary Smith advised Staff of the upcoming 25th anniversary of Libertarian Party and requested a proclamation.

The attached proclamation has been prepared and will be presented to representatives of the Libertarian Party.

This action is to recognize the creation of the Libertarian Party beginning at the Westminster residence of David Nolan, who resided at 7748 Lowell Boulevard, on August 15, 1971.

Several members of the Colorado State Board of Directors for the Libertarian Party will be present at Monday night’s meeting to accept this proclamation. They are Cooper Jager, Treasurer; Bette Rose Smith, Fund Raising Director and W. Earl Allen, Candidate for 2nd District for US Congress.

Staff Recommendation

Present proclamation re: Libertarian Party Day to the Libertarian Party representatives.

Background Information

David Nolan and four other young Republicans founded the Libertarian Party in August 1971 at Mr. Nolan’s Westminster home at 7748 Lowell Boulevard.

Respectfully submitted,

William M. Christopher

City Manager

Signature from Agenda by William M.Christopher