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These are resolutions adopted on April 28, 1974 at the 1974 Free Libertarian Party of New York Annual Convention

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Condemnation Laws Whereas, Private property rights are necessary to a free society; Whereas, Condemnation Laws violate private property rights; Whereas Condemnation Laws make possible manipulation of property for political purposes; Whereas, the expenses of condemnation laws are a burden to the taxpayers; Resolved, That the Free Libertarian Party of New York State recommend to the New York State Senate and Assembly the repeal and abolishment of all Condemnation Laws employed in New York State, along with those Condemnation Powers delegated by New York state to its counties, towns and those agencies so empowered.

Non-VoluCommitmentitment We oppose the non-voluntary cormnitment of any person to a mental institution. The power of the state of New York to incarcerate an individual who is not convicted of A crime, but merely asserted by the authorities to be incompetent,· is a violation of the individual's rights.

we further advocate: a. The repeal of all laws permitting non-voluntary psychiatric treatment. b. The immediate discontinuation of all programs using tax monies for observational study or experimentation. c. An end to all non-voluntary treatments of prisoners in such areas as psycho-surgery, drug therapy, and aversion therapy.

Censorship Each individual has the inalienable right to choose what to see, read and hear. Thus, the Free Libertarian Party opposes any and all forms of government censorship over motion pictures, the theater, broadcasting and literature.

Rights of Children Whereas, among the more noxious of the specific violations of individual liberty which presently abound- more noxious, because in such instarrces, not even the pretenses of 11rights11 or "due process" is accorded to the individual- are the policies of and practices sanctioned by the State regarding children, the Free Libertarian Party does hereby resolve:

That, whereas force is unquestionably an obstacle to learning, compulsory education laws are morally indefensible, and should be immediately repealed; That, for so long as the above mentioned tyranny shall exist, those sub­jected to it shall be entitled to vote in school board elections; That the requirement that an individual attend some school is made all the more objectionable by the requiremmt that he or she attend a particular school;

That age, in and of itself, is not a sufficient criterion for determining the rights of an individual to engage in such activities as: being party to a contract, operating a motor vehicle, being employed by another or employing others, marriage or any other sort of personal relationship, renting or owning an apartment or house, patronizing any sort of public facility, and many others to numerous to list;

That the presently existing juvenile "justice" system merits the unqualified condemnation ;,nci contempt of all persoms having any regard for justice, whatsoever;

That the practice of jailing children accused of no crime must immediately be stopped, and those presently so confined be unconditionally released; that no child should be subjected to any judicial procedure unless charged with a specific crime;

That children be permitted a jury trial in a11 cases in which adults would be extended this right;

That the same right to "reasonable bail" be accorded to minors as to adults;

That, like adults, children accused of criminal offenses, should be pre­sumed innocent until proven guilty; and

That there should exist no category of crimes applicable to children, for which adults would not be similarly answerable.

Public Financing of Political Crimes Be it resolved that the Free Libertarian Party of New York send a telegram to the President of the United States advocatin6 his veto of the bill support­ing public financing of political campaigns.

Impeachment Resolved that the Free Libertarian Party dema!lds that the Judiciary Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives present R Bill of Particulars to the House and tlre House present an impeachment to the Senate and that the Special Prosecutor prefer the proper charges against the President.

Legal Tender Laws and the Federal Reserve System Resolved, the Free Libertarian Party opposes all leeal tender laws and calls for the abolition of the Federal Reserve System.

Fair Trade Laws The existence of so-called "Fair Trade" laws being an obstruction to competition in the marketplace and a cause of higher prices the Free Libertarian Party calls for the immediate repeal of such laws.

Flouridation The flouridation of the water supply being of debatable medical safety and being involuntary mass medication of the population by government, the Free Libertarian Party opposes all such flouridayion, present and pro­posed.