Document:New York Tioga County Press Release 26 October 2019 Libertarian Candidate for County Sheriff, Joe Breitwieser, Announces New Drug Policy for Tioga County

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Press Release October 26, 2019

Libertarian Candidate for County Sheriff, Joe Breitwieser, Announces New Drug Policy for Tioga County

Tioga County, NY - Libertarian candidate offers a local solution to the “War on Drugs,” calls for complete legalization of marijuana, as well as a new approach to dealing with dangerous drugs such as heroin and meth. He offers a plan that will greatly reduce incarceration rates for users while quickly taking dealers off the streets, and putting pressure on cartels. 

Currently, despite decriminalization, individuals are still being ticketed for marijuana offenses, and the odor of marijuana is still used to conduct warrantless searches on people and property. We currently have a system that allows large criminal enterprises to flourish, even under constant surveillance. We have a system that arrests, imprisons, publicly humiliates, and forever stigmatizes individuals who are arrested for possession of drugs. There is a much better way. 

Marijuana: The Sheriff’s Department will no longer ticket individuals for marijuana, nor will they use it as probable cause to search a vehicle. The Sheriff’s Department will no longer investigate or prosecute for possession, sale, or the growing of marijuana. The Sheriff’s Department will not cooperate with state and federal anti-marijuana activities such as the CNET Marijuana Eradication Program. 

Meth, Heroin and other Dangerous Drugs:

Dealers: The Sheriff’s Department will focus on quickly removing known drug houses and dealers. Instead of focusing on maximizing charges against a defendant, we will focus on ending the criminal behavior as soon as possible. Tioga County will not act as an incubator for criminal organizations; we will no longer allow known drug houses to be surveilled by state and federal authorities for months and years, in the hopes of making newsworthy busts with large financial gains through civil asset forfeiture. As soon as enough evidence for an arrest has been made, the criminal operation will be shut down. 

Users: Our jails and courts are clogged with drug users who don’t need to be there. When an officer discovers drugs in the possession of an individual, in most cases, no arrest will be made. Instead, the officer will confiscate the suspected drugs, and in exchange for not being arrested, the suspect will have the option to sign a document acknowledging that an item was confiscated, and that the police believe it to be illicit. That individual can then be interviewed, referred to appropriate mental health resources, and released. In the vast majority of cases, the statute of limitations should be allowed to expire on the potential possession charge. If a person becomes a risk to themselves or others, or if they are believed to be involved in criminal activity, the substances confiscated can be tested. If the substance is found to be illicit, a warrant can be issued for the individual’s arrest.
 These confiscation acknowledgements can be used as evidence before a judge, to secure search warrants on suspected drug houses. Individuals who find themselves accumulating multiple confiscations will be forced to seek rehabilitation, move out of the county, engage in volunteer work, or face criminal prosecution on one or all of the potential possession charges. 

The general election will be held on November 5, 2019.


Contact: Joseph Breitwieser
 Libertarian Candidate for Tioga County Sheriff
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