Document:New York Saratoga County Press Release 13 August 2020 Libertarian Committee Calls for County Administrator to Resign

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For Immediate Release Aug 13, 2020

Libertarian Committee Calls for County Administrator to Resign

Special Investigator’s Report Finds Lack of Authority and Lies Around COVID Pay Raises 

Ballston Spa- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -  The Times Union has obtained the Special Investigator’s report on the March 2020 Pay Raise Scandal, largely brought to light due to Libertarian Party Activism.  The August 7th Report is clear: County Administrator Spencer Hellwig and HR Director Marcy McNamara did not have the authority to raise compensation.  Furthermore both were eligible for the illegal compensation, paid from the County’s general fund.  Other elected officials, such as Sheriff Zurlo and Attorney General Karen Heggen were eligible, but did not ask for a raise for themselves or their workers who were accused in a recorded meeting by McNamara of faking a sick out during the pandemic without additional compensation.  

Background- In early March an untitled “Committee of 5” was appointed by the Board of Supervisors, including Hellwing, McNamara, Chairman Preston Allen, Greenfield Supervisor Pemrick and Town of Saratoga Supervisor Wood.   This Committee of 5 poorly documented their meetings and exceeded their broad authority in raising their own pay, along with hundreds of county employees who didn’t ask for it at a time when Saratoga had seen very few cases and no staffing shortages. 

Immediate intervention by the Saratoga County Libertarian Committee brought this scandalous raise to an end within days. The very front line workers were used as a shield for the Administration's own pay raise.  To add insult to injury, front line workers were then abused by Hellwig, Allen and McNamara.  Erroneous and illegal claw backs, under payments for the time the raise was in effect and blatant lies about how this all occurred have been non stop since-leading to Halfmoon Supervisor Kevin Tollisen successfully moving for an outside investigation to settle this.

The Board of Supervisors internal investigation, led by Waterford Supervisor Lawler, who cautioned the larger body that McNamara and Hellwig are “Friends” of theirs upon agreeing to investigate, found no wrongdoing and fought to suppress the independent investigation report, which is now publicly available.

CALL TO ACTION- The County Board of Supervisors must demand the resignation of Spencer Hellwig, Marcy McNamara and end the Chairmanship of Preston Allen.  Supervisors Pemrick and Wood should be publicly censured for their malfeasance and theft of public funds.  The entire matter should be referred to Attorney General Letitia James’ office for criminal investigation.  “Administrators in county government attempted to exploit a pandemic to raise their own pay.  The people of Saratoga County will not stand for this type of blatant corruption.  Immediate resignations and/or terminations are now the minimum action required to regain the trust of Saratoga residents.” Said Committee Chair, Robert Arrigo today.  

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Craig Berndt, Vice Chair