Document:New York Press Release 18 January 2007 Nassau Libertarians Term Special Election Rules Unfair

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Nassau Libertarians Term Special Election Rules Unfai NASSAU COUNTY LIBERTARIAN PARTY Contact: Gary Donoyan, Nassau LP Chair LPNY State Chair Richard Cooper 516-767-4688 "SPECIAL ELECTION" TO REPLACE STATE SENATOR BALBONI HIGHLIGHTS ELECTION LAW UNFAIRNESS, SAY LIBERTARIANS Manhasset, NY 1/18/2007 Nassau County Libertarian Party Chair Gary Donoyan might have run for former Senator Michael Balboni's seat in the special election called for February 6th, but New York's election laws threw roadblocks in the way. While the Republican and Democratic organizations could simply name their own candidate, the Libertarians would have to gather 3000 signatures on petitions from registered voters in a short period of time. Spitzer named Republican Balboni to head homeland security efforts for New York State shortly after Balboni's reelection in November.

Donoyan, a Manhasset attorney, charges "The New York election laws unfairly restrict the choices of New Yorkers. Libertarians wanted to run a candidate but cannot under these rules. That's why Nassau County residents interested in school choice and smaller government can not even express themselves that day. Is there any hope that those elected under this system, will agree to change those unfair rules? Please join me in urging them to."

In fact, at the Manhasset train station Tuesday morning, Donoyan reports, a Democratic Party activist campaigning for Craig Johnson described the Democratic candidate in November's election as "a nobody." "This time, the Republicans seem to be rolling over, instead. We seem to have the form of free elections, without the substance," adds Donoyan.

Libertarian Party of New York State Chair Richard Cooper, a Westbury business executive, reports that "The Libertarian Party is encouraged that while Attorney-General, Governor Spitzer called for ballot access reforms to make it easier for more on the election ballot. We agree that signature requirements should be cut. We agree that excessive technical requirements for petitions should be eliminated. We suggest allowing the payment of a reasonable filing fee instead of submission of petition signatures."

The Libertarian Party made progress in the 2006 elections. The Nassau Libertarians meet the second Thursday of the month at 8pm in the T.G.I. Friday's on Northern Boulevard in Manhasset. The Libertarian state convention will be held on Saturday, April 28th at the Radisson MacArthur in Holtsville. For information on the Libertarian Party, call 516-767-4688 or email