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F R E E N E W Y O R K September 2001 circulation: 1373

1.) Kramer and Running Mates on Ballot

2.) What is OPH?

3.) "Wanted: Libertarian Lawyer for Attorney-General"

4.) Zogby Polling Wants Your Opinion!

5.) Albany's "Bare-Bones Budget" Charade


The people of New York City will have the opportunity to vote for genuine change this November. Several Libertarian Party members successfully completed their petition drives and qualified for a place on the ballot. Heading the ticket will be Kenny Kramer running for mayor of the Big Apple. The Kramer for Mayor campaign collected thousands more than the 7500 signatures needed to place his name on the ballot. His petitions were not challenged by candidates in the two major parties. "I owe a great deal of thanks to all my Libertarian running mates and volunteers who worked tirelessly to achieve this monumental result," stated Kramer. Being on the ballot guarantees Kenny Kramer's participation in the first televised debate. On Tuesday, August 21st, Kramer and his Libertarian running mates held a press conference at the east side steps of New York's City Hall before proceeding down Broadway to the Board of Elections to deliver their petitions. Local TV stations were there to cover the event. "This election should not be about 'politics as usual' but about a voice for people in New York," said Kramer. "I am pleased that they have chosen me as that voice." Now that the candidates have made it on the ballot, the campaigning starts in earnest, including fundraising. Kramer held a fundraiser in Washington, DC, where he was interviewed by the Washington Post. On September 2, he was off to Wigstock, a celebration New York City style. "This is the real New York," says Kramer. "People who attend Wigstock are people who understand how great and diverse this city can be and they gleefully celebrate that diversity. These people make up the NEW New York that I wish to represent. Young vibrant creative people and various onlookers!" More information about the Kramer for Mayor campaign, including press coverage and appearances, can be found at the campaigns website:


(We have been asked, "What is OPH?" To answer that question, we have taken excerpts from the website of The Advocates for Self-Government, the creators of Operation Politically Homeless. (

Operation Politically Homeless (OPH) is an Advocates product that has been embraced by libertarians across the country. OPH has become an essential outreach tool among libertarian membership-based organizations. Tens of thousands of Americans have been exposed to libertarian ideas thanks to OPH. Thousands have become libertarians. OPH is quite simply one of the most effective and widely-praised tools in the libertarian movement. What Is OPH? OPH is best described as a "libertarian event in a kit" that lets one or more libertarians gather the names of dozens or even hundreds of libertarian-leaning folks, easily and efficiently, anywhere there are large groups of people. Using clever and eye-catching material -- much of it based on the World's Smallest Political Quiz -- OPH instantly transforms an ordinary outreach booth into a fun and exciting event that draws far more people than a typical outreach booth. It's easy and fun. Anyone can do it. Unlike a mere literature table, OPH actively engages passers-by. It catches their attention. It's fun (for both Quiz-takers and booth operators), and only takes a minute or so. Because it incorporates the World's Smallest Political Quiz, OPH quickly opens the minds of people to the idea of a new political spectrum that includes libertarians. It makes it quick and easy to explain what libertarianism is, and how libertarians differ from conservatives and liberals. Furthermore, the names that OPH gathers are those who score libertarian on the Quiz (or otherwise express an interest in libertarian ideas). This makes those names and addresses far more valuable -- they're already shown to be sympathetic to libertarian ideas. An OPH kit contains everything needed for one or more libertarians to begin discovering other potential libertarians. Operation Politically Homeless booths have discovered thousands of libertarian-leaning folks at events including: state fairs; science fiction conventions; drug re-legalization rallies; music festivals; political rallies. Anywhere people are gathered, OPH will get names. In fact, a few years ago, some enterprising libertarians even had successful results at a national Socialist Scholars' Convention! Added bonus: OPH is fun. Yes, fun! Over and over again, people tell us this. OPH makes a great activity for any libertarian group. No experience necessary - it's a great outreach activity for new libertarians and veterans alike. Operation Politically Homeless offers a proven, workable plan for taking our message of liberty to the American people.

Q & A on OPH The OPH kit provides everything you need: signs, Quiz cards, Harris 5-Jar Technique materials, manual, instructional audio tape, and more. All you supply is a booth, a simple frame or stand for your OPH chart, and some libertarians who want to make a difference. And because it uses the World's Smallest Political Quiz, it opens people's minds to a new political landscape that (unlike the old left-right line) includes libertarians.

How many people are needed for an OPH booth? Many successful booths have been done by only one person. But two or more is better. A typical booth has 3-4 people. And at a big event -- the more the better! Some OPH-ers have found themselves literally swamped by crowds of people standing in line to take the Quiz!

What Are Some Good Locations for OPH Booths? OPH works its magic virtually anywhere there's a crowd or a steady stream of people. It doesn't have to be at a political event. In fact, some of the best results have come from non-political events like music concerts or county fairs. A few suggestions from past successful OPHs: gun shows; college registration days; art fairs; state or local fairs; political rallies; political meetings (we've had successful OPH's at Democratic, Republican, and even Socialist gatherings); tax protests; drug relegalization rallies; science fiction conventions; computer shows; flea markets..... Look in the "Events" section of your local paper. Check regional magazines that list festivals and fairs. Call your Chamber of Commerce and ask about upcoming events (they'll likely inundate you). You can probably come up with many more ideas yourself. Discover Liberty is especially encouraging OPHs at multi-day events, like weeklong (or longer) fairs. Two advantages: 1) You meet zillions of people; 2) Every day of the event counts as a separate OPH, i.e., a seven-day fair counts as seven OPHs towards your state's totals! The most important thing to remember is this: right now, today, this weekend, there are several great places for an OPH within a short drive of you. There will be people there who (even if they don't know it yet) are libertarians, or libertarian-leaning.

Will they encounter the ideas that they're hungry for? The ideas that can change their lives -- and help win the world for liberty? It's up to you.

"Wanted: Libertarian Lawyer for Attorney-General"

by Richard Cooper, LPNY Chair

In 2002, we will be running candidates for Governor, Lieutenant-Governor, Comptroller and Attorney-General. I want to encourage libertarian lawyers to consider running for Attorney-General. If they decide to pass, I would suggest they join a "Lawyers & Law Students Committee for Candidate X for Attorney-General." Then, we could use them as surrogate speakers and endorsers for the candidate. They can gain experience as campaigners, too. The Attorney-General is the State of New York's lawyer and issues opinions on the legality and constitutionality of various actions and situations on behalf of the State. See the New York State Constitution and the link to the Attorney-General from the New York State website What can our Attorney-General candidate do? Get votes and encourage voters to vote for our other candidates. Make lawyers and law students aware of libertarianism. increase party membership and financial base. To address criminal and civil justice reform. To repudiate anti-gun lawsuits. To promote drug legalization. Please think about running. Take a look at your finances and your schedule. Consult your spouse, significant other, children and law partners. Let me know whether you are interested in running or at least being on a "Lawyers and Law Students Committee". I'll be happy to discuss your concerns. Richard Cooper, Libertarian Party of New York, PO Box 728, Bellport, NY 11713 or email We will nominate our Attorney-General candidate at our convention which will be the last weekend in April. Let's get moving for libertarian law and justice in New York through libertarian lawyers running for office and influencing the next generation of lawyers.

Zogby Polling Wants Your Opinion!

by Ron Crickenberger, Political Director

Dear Libertarian, Have you ever felt like the media treats Libertarians as if our opinions don't even exist? Does it seem like pollsters always call all the big-government Republicans and Democrats, but never call Libertarians like you? Are you tired of on-line polls that don't even offer a Libertarian option? You now have a chance to change all that, make your opinions count, and help the Libertarian Party get professional polling done for free! The Libertarian Party is teaming up with one of the nation's most accurate and prestigious polling organizations, Zogby International, in a groundbreaking project to integrate and align Internet polling surveys with traditional telephone survey polling. Zogby International is developing an online population of civic-minded individuals who can assist in producing the most reliable, accurate and scientific online polling available. Registering for participation in Zogby online polls gives you an opportunity to have your opinion counted, and will benefit the Libertarian Party in a big way. For every 500 registrants we supply them, Zogby will place a polling question for the Libertarian Party in one of their nationwide polls - both on-line and via traditional telephone survey methods. Each question would normally cost the Libertarian Party $1,000.00. With more than 32,000 Libertarians now subscribed to this announcement list, we have the opportunity to get thousands of dollars worth of free survey research - research that could greatly benefit our candidates. To sign up now to participate in Zogby's on-line polls, go to: Zogby International promises complete confidentiality, plus a free polling survey product (a copy of one of their many survey items on hundreds of issues) for those who register. You will usually receive an e-mail notification of 2 polls a month, which will take just a few minutes each to complete. Since the mid-1990s, Zogby International has utilized the Internet as a means of providing the public with instant access to the day's best public opinion research. As the Internet continues to revolutionize the way we communicate, it is certain the computer will gradually replace the telephone as the most efficient vehicle for survey research. Zogby International has assumed a leading role in pioneering cyberspace for the science of polling, and needs your help. We're excited by the chance to work with "Zogby Interactive," the Internet extension of the famous Zogby International organization, to provide you this opportunity and outlet to express your own unique views, hopes and opinions on an array of topics. Please take a moment to fill out the online registration form at: Upon completion of the registration form, you will be eligible to receive a free Zogby International informational product of your choice. And you'll help earn free polling questions for the Libertarian Party! Feel free to forward this message to any of your friends you think may be interested in registering their opinions. By signing on at the above URL, they'll count toward our free polling questions also. Have fun, and thank you for your help.

Albany's "Bare-Bones Budget" Charade

by Jeffery M. Doty

This Spring Gov. Pataki proposed a budget of $83.6 billion for the fiscal year. On Aug. 3, the legislature passed a baseline budget worth $79.6 billion. Everyone claims that the baseline budget is a "bare-bones" budget and that more spending is required. Social workers demand more money for their work with the poor and disadvantaged. Educators demand more money for schools (even though the current baseline budget increases education spending by $382 million). SUNY professors demand more money for the university. In a press conference held on the steps of the capitol in Albany, the American Cancer Society demanded more money. Special interest groups across the spectrum are demanding more of your money. Pataki ordered a special session of the state legislature because he wants more money for Superfund and SUNY construction projects. Assembly leader Sheldon Silver demands more money for education and health care. Politicians in both major parties are demanding to spend more of your money -- $79.6 billion just isn't enough. I thought it would be interesting to compare our "bare-bones" budget to budgets in other states - on a per capita basis - to get an idea of how much fat might be in New York's budget. Population numbers were obtained at the US Census Bureau's website. Budget numbers were obtained at the websites of the various states. New York has almost 19 million people which gives a per capita spending of $4195. California is the largest state in the union with 33.8 million people. It plans to spend $103.3 billion, or just $3050 per person. Texas has 20.852 million people and will spend $52.462 billion - a measly $2516 per person. Well, let's come back east. To the south of us is Pennsylvania, population of 12.281 million. It will spend $42.6 billion or $3469/person. To the east is Mass(tax)achusetts. It will spend $22.55 billion on its 6.349 million residents, or only $3552 per person. It appears that even the "bare-bones" budget is pretty extravagant. Not that that's a surprise to any New Yorker. Here's another statistic for you. This one is also from the US Census Bureau: in 1998, New York State spent $4805 per person while the national average of state governments was $3447 per person. NYS would have to cut spending by 28% just to get down to average. It isn't any wonder that our economy is so sluggish compared to the rest of the nation. There isn't enough money left in the private sector to fund economic growth. There's too much capital going to the Capitol. Nor should it be any surprise why our young adults have to leave this state in droves to find jobs. The politicians in both major parties are spending us into poverty and leaving us with the bare-bones. Now more than ever, New Yorkers need the Libertarian Party to bring fiscal responsibility and sanity to Albany.


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