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Tax Boycott called

Last month I called for a boycott of the New York State cigarette tax. The tax, which was raised to $1.50 a pack in April of this year, applies to any cigarettes sold in retail outlets in New York State, and is the highest cigarette tax in the country. Last year the state took in $1 billion from the tax- a significant portion of the tax revenue for the state. But the tax is completely voluntary, since anyone in the state with a phone or address can order cigarettes from retail outlets on the reservations or from retailers in other states that do not have to collect the tax.

I?m excited about this project because there are many benefits to promoting the tax boycott. Smokers will benefit immediately, saving up to $25 a carton. Many smokers I?ve talked to already know they can buy cigarettes from the reservations, but very few know that they can order cigarettes through the mail that signatures. Signatures and petitions can be challenged, so that means that we need 20,000 to 25,000 signatures to get our candidate on the ballot for this year.

The petitioning period runs from July 9 to August 13 this year. You can help by copying the petition on page 3 of this newsletter and collecting signatures. Complete instructions are on page 4 of the newsletter.

This opportunity to put the LP on the ballot comes only once every 4 years, so your help is important. Please volunteer your time to put Scott Jeffrey on the ballot. "I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man." --Thomas Jefferson*

Suffolk Convention

The Suffolk County Libertarian Organization, in conjunction with the Nassau County chapter, held its Annual Long Island Convention at the Crystal Garden Chinese Buffet with 40 people in attendance to hear Scott Jeffrey, LPNY gubernatorial candidate, speak on his campaign?s strategy and progress. Other speakers included Bob Schulz, LPNY?s 1994 gubernatorial candidate, who spoke on his struggle against big government and the income tax, Professor Thomas Woods on the History and Future of Terrorism, and Professor Audrey Pappaeliou on the Separation of School and State. There was a question and answer period after each speaker?s presentation.

Chris Padgett, Suffolk?s Chair, was master of ceremonies and, as usual, Barry Loberfeld hosted the event.

At next month?s meeting the SCLO membership will elect its officers for the year. It will also serve as the kick-off for the petition drive. Copies of the petition will be distributed and dates and schedules for the group to cover local summer fairs and other events during the petition period will be announced.

-Audrey Pappealiou

Tax Boycott

But we need your help. An estimated 25% of New Yorkers are smokers, and we need to reach those people to let them know about the boycott and the LP.

Here?s what you can do to help: Copy the boycott brochure on pages 5 and 6 of the newsletter and distribute it to as many people as possible. Give it to your friends, co-workers, or anyone you see smoking. I plan to take the brochures to outdoor events this summer, where I?m sure I will see many smokers.

As more and more people participate, revenue from this tax will dry up, and retail sales of cigarettes at local shops will drop. If we can significantly reduce the sales of cigarettes through retailers in NYS, we may be able to pressure the state to end the tax and give a boost to businesses in New York State.

You can also help by donating money to the project to print and mail brochures. The State Committee has agreed to match all LP member donations up to a total of $500- so the money you send will be twice as effective!

Please help! This is a great way to fight taxes, publicize the LP, and recruit new members into the LPNY.

Assistant Editor needed

If you are interested in helping me produce the newsletter, let me know. I need someone who is better with layout and graphics than I am. Is it you? Contact me at, or call 585-658-3017 days.

More Second Amendment Success !

On May 22 we added a new SCOPE chapter to our list of second amendment successes, and a number of new volunteers. The Manhattan LP started a SCOPE chapter with 20 people attending, including 8 new members. Jim Lesczynski was elected President of the chapter, with James Eisert as Secretary and Mike Berman as treasurer.

Several volunteers have approached me to join the Second Amendment project, and we are working on establishing more SCOPE chapters across the state. You can help! We need volunteers all over the state to be part of a network to protect our second amendment rights. To join, contact me at 585-658-3017. Call now!

Queens County Convention

On 8 June, the Libertarian Party of Queens County held its annual convention at Pasta Lovers' Trattoria in Kew Gardens. In addition to electing the current year's crop of officers, party members listened to requests for endorsement from Joseph Dobrian (candidate for the proposed 14th Congressional District, covering the East Side of Manhattan and parts of Queens) and Dominic Inferrera (candidate for the proposed 30th Assembly District, covering Sunnyside, Astoria, Woodside, and Maspeth) before settling down to a lunch menu that included hot and cold antipasti, choice of chicken or pasta, coffee, and dessert. Luncheon and keynote speakers included gubernatorial candidate Scott Jeffrey, Denise Hovak and Diane McKeough of Armed Females of America, Chris Garvey, Sam Sloan, and Imad A. "Dean" Ahmad of The Minaret of Freedom Hovak and McKeough discussed methods of regaining our Second Amendment rights inch by inch, followed by Garvey's statistics directly relating gun control to genocide throughout world history. Sloan discussed some of the differences between the Judeo-Christian Bible and the Koran, and how political issues between Islamic nations, Israel, and the United State are being confused with -- or recast as -- "religious" issues that are contradictory to the teachings of Mohammed; Ahmad painted the philosophical issues of personal freedom as originating with the Golden Age of Islam (9th-16th Centuries C. E.), described some of the political and theological issues facing today's Muslims and presented ideas of how to reach out to Muslims of libertarian beliefs.

Signature Gathering Instructions

Do Not Copy this Instruction Sheet on the back of the Independent Nominating Petition !

Make as many copies of the blank petitions as you feel you need. Always save one blank one in case you need to photocopy more.

You must be registered to vote in New York State to collect/witness signatures.

If you have signed another independent nominating petition, you cannot sign or witness signatures!

You can?t witness your own signature. Have a friend witness your signature on a separate sheet.

Instruct the person signing not to use a title such as Dr., Mr., Ms., etc.

Instruct the person signing to give his/her street address only, no P.O. Box addresses.

Be careful about dates and signatures. Do not alter a signature. If the signer must alter or move his/her signature, he/she must initial the change. If you change a date, you must initial the change. You need not initial changes to addresses or town data.

You do not have to be a member of the LPNY to collect or witness signatures.

Never argue with or try to convert anyone when working to get his/her signature. Smile, be friendly, and get his/her signature. Remember the 20 second rule: if a person doesn?t agree to sign within 20 seconds, move on to someone else! Don?t sacrifice the many for the few.

Carefully fill out the witness statement at the bottom. Any errors or omissions will invalidate the entire sheet. If your post office address is in a different town than your residence, or if you have a P.O. Box, you must put down both addresses!

Do not fill in the Sheet Number. We will add that when collating the sheets.

As soon as possible, give all completed signature sheets to your local coordinator, or mail them to: Jeff Russell, 55 Via DaVinci, Clifton Park, NY 12065-2903, no later than August 15th.

Good lines to use when asking for signatures:

?Excuse me please, are you registered to vote in New York State??

?Anybody should have the opportunity to be on the ballot, don?t you agree??

?Sign on the dotted line.?

Always check that a signature, name and address are legible before the person leaves.

Carry the signature sheets with you during your daily activities, you never know when you might have an opportunity to collect a signature or two!

If you need more petitions or have questions, please call (518) 371-3641 or visit the website at:

Have fun!

Take Action!

Donate This year we are running a slate of candidates for statewide offices, including Governor, Comptroller, and Attorney-General. Donating to the campaign will help the candidates get the message out. Send your checks to the campaign for Governor at Vote Jeffrey, 2565 Broadway #135, New York, New York 10035.

Second Amendment Project We have started a Second Amendment project to defend our gun rights and work with other second amendment groups by lobbying legislators in Albany. You can help, no matter where you live in New York State. Contact me at or call (585)-658-3017.

Tax Boycott Help us promote a boycott of the NYS cigarette tax as a protest against high taxes in New York State. You don?t have to be a smoker to help with this project. This is an opportunity to deny money to the state ! Copy the brochure in this issue and give it to any smoker you see.

Tell Your Friends about the Libertarian Party. Get a bumpersticker, or some brochures from the National LP. Ask your friends to go with you to a meeting, or tell them about your favorite libertarian book. Spread the word!

Petitioning for Governor We need help this summer petitioning for our candidate for Governor, Scott Jeffrey. You don?t need experience- we will train you. See the information on pages 3 & 4.

Local Chapter Go to your local chapter meeting, and bring a friend. Local chapters have their own projects and need your help. And it?s a great way to meet other libertarians!

Toastmasters International Joining Toastmaster is a great way to learn public speaking, an essential skill if you want to speak up for freedom or run for office. To join the Rochester group contact me at 658-3017.

Medical Marijuana Project- Join our project to make medical marijuana legal in New York State. Contact me at, or 585-658-3017.

What Do You Want the LPNY to work on? Give me a call if you are willing to start a project. We have volunteers waiting to help you!

Learn about the issues- For more information on efforts to end drug prohibition, contact

Marijuana Policy Project at or the

Drug Reform Coordination Network at . Both organizations have e-mail newsletters to keep you up to date on drug law reform issues.

Join S.C.O.P.E.- The Shooter?s Committee On Political Education at or write to SCOPE, P.O. Box 602, Tonawanda, N.Y. 14150-0602


August 15, 2002

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