Document:New York Erie County Press Release 8 February 2021 Erie County Libertarian Party Condemns Buffalo Police for Assisting Bounty Hunter No-Knock Raid

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Tuesday night, the Buffalo Police Department stood idly while bounty hunters executed a no-knock raid on the Reinhardt family’s house, searching the property for a relative that did not even live there. Their warrantless search included not only the Reinhardt’s downstairs apartment, but the upstairs apartment as well, without the consent of the tenants. The bounty hunters, armed with long guns, cleared the house and threatened the residents while officers of the Buffalo Police Department stood on the sidewalk making small talk and watching the events unfold. The Reinhardt family, who were woken in the middle of the night to banging and shouting at their front door, were confused and scared, but are now upset as details are coming to light; they are describing the situation as an armed home invasion aided by the Buffalo Police.

Once again, the Buffalo Police department is making headlines, and once again, not for a good reason. Erie County Libertarian Party Chairman, Duane Whitmer, stated: “Standing by while a resident’s rights are violated is yet another embarrassment for the Buffalo Police Department. I am calling on Erie County Sheriff candidates to condemn this action and create a department to independently investigate the civil rights violations committed by other departments in this county.”

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