Document:New York Erie County Press Release 16 March 2021 Erie County Libertarian Party Chair Welcomes Third Parties Into County Races

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According to local news outlets, candidates for office in Erie County are discussing starting their own parties and creating their own lines for races. However, there is a catch due to ballot access laws and other complications that make doing so almost impossible. The Libertarian Party of New York and other prominent third parties in New York State were recently slapped with new, more difficult to reach goalposts for petitions and votes on election day, which were purposely put in place to prevent third parties from obtaining ballot status.

ECLP Chairman Duane Whitmer stated: “I think this goes to show what studies have been saying: a majority of Americans are sick and tired of the two party system–and really, when it comes to never ending spending, debt, and war, they merge into one party. This also shows that people are hearing the message we have been saying for years–that back door deals and crony politics are how the legacy parties stay in power. More choices on the ballot leads to an exchange of ideas and is good for democracy. I look forward to watching these candidates and organizations navigate the archaic and unfair ballot access laws that their own parties put into place to maintain the status quo. When this election is over, maybe we can work together to change these laws to allow for a freer electoral process.”

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