Document:New York Albany County Press Release 29 November 2019 Cuomo Administration Targets Political Rivals

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Cuomo Administration Targets Political Rivals

Albany, NY – November 29, 2019 – Governor Cuomo recently enacted a new commission called the NYS Public Finance Commission whose November 25, 2019 ruling will become law in forty-eight hours without a single member of the Legislature voting for it and without the Governor having to sign it. 

The Commission was supposed to be a positive step towards empowering citizens by lowering the amount of money in our elections and increasing voter participation. However, the Commission (comprised entirely of political appointees) voted 7-2 to more than double the threshold required for so-called third parties like the Greens, Working Families and Libertarian Parties to qualify for ballot access. Currently, these parties need 50,000 votes in a gubernatorial race in order to survive on the ballot for the following four years. Now, they will need 130,000 votes - or 2% of the total statewide, whichever is greater. 

These regulations are clearly meant to destroy political competition and they further cement Mr. Cuomo’s grip on power in NY. Some could make the argument that NY citizens aren’t participating in a flourishing democracy, we are languishing under a tyrant. 

- If you want to do something about this, please consider enrolling as a Libertarian. 

Todd G. Haggerty
Treasurer, Albany County Libertarian Committee