Document:National Party Email 31 March 2020 Have you checked on your furry roommate lately?

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Everyone is affected by social distancing and “shelter at home” declarations. We are reminded by reporters and officials to check on elderly neighbors to make sure they are holding up alright, but we should also remember the furry, finned and feathered members of our households who may be happy now that they have company all day, but may also be feeling the stress that we all are going through (or perhaps they’re exhausted from all the additional walks they are getting).

The Libertarian Party is making our voice heard during this crisis. We know that Liberty matters in the face of a global pandemic every bit as much, if not more so, than it does without a crisis looming. Now you can bring your four-legged, winged, water-dwelling or slithering family members into the LP!

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Finding our best mental space right now includes being able to show affection where we can and being proud of the bonds that we form. In this light-hearted message we hope to share some levity and warmth with you during uncertain times. Get an auxiliary membership for your pet today and let them join you in the fight for Liberty. If animals can be service pets, police dogs and military officers, why not bring them into the Libertarian community to increase our capacity for limiting government overreach?