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Candidates and Campaign Teams,

In this email you'll find ideas on how to keep your name in front of voters, upcoming training on how to fundraise and campaign using texting, and free policy position papers!

Next training is Monday, 8pm Central

Fundraising and Campaigning by Text: There's more to it than just texting! Join us as Elaine Joan presents on how to maximize SMS for campaigning when you can't campaign in person. 20 minute presentation followed by Q & A.

Presentation is on Twitch:

FREE resource for policy positions:

Via Andy Craig: Out today from, Visions of Liberty is very much worth checking out. Aaron Ross Powell and Paul Matzko hit upon a great idea and did an awesome job with it: Cato scholars laying out their grand vision in each of their respective policy areas, from education to foreign policy and everything in between. I particularly enjoyed Alex Nowrasteh's chapter: a delightful alternate history of America without most of its 20th-century immigration restrictions.

Download it for free.

Look for ways to contact voters which is both helpful and shows Libertarian ethics in action. This keeps your name in front of voters in a positive way.

For example, you could send out an email talking about growing your own food is smart, lifts your spirits, and is a path towards greater personal liberty. Then link them to Oregon State University‘s (OSU) Master Gardener program, which they are offering at no cost until the end of April.

Open Office Hours

This is a 30 minute video conference call with no agenda. It is simply a time for you to ask questions, offer tips and ideas, and share ideas. It is open to any LP candidate or campaign team member.

Every Wednesday

11am central:

Meeting ID: 929 472 704

To download on your calendar

9pm central:

Meeting ID: 669 222 019

To download on your calendar

If you are looking for past video training from me, here is what we have so far.

Good luck Candidates and Campaign Teams!

Cara Schulz

LP National Candidate Recruiter


1444 DUKE ST

ALEXANDRIA, VA 22314-3403

United States