Document:National Party Email 30 March 2020 Voting closes Saturday in the Libertarian Affiliate Contest!

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Dear Libertarian,

It's your last chance to vote!!

In the election of course, but also in the Affiliate Support Committee contest! There’s $1000 on the line! This contest has been running since last fall, and members have been voting since February and voting closes on Saturday! So if you haven't voted yet please get over there and check it out!

The Affiliate Support Committee has narrowed down the submissions from LP Affiliates around the country, and now is asking members of the Libertarian Party to vote to pick the winner. Click through to review the affiliate’s description of the activism and their photos and decide who you think is most deserving of the grand prize. Voting is restricted to active members of the National Party only!

When you vote you MUST enter your email and member id. That’s how we validate you can vote in this contest. Don’t know what your member id is? It’s on your membership card! Don’t have your membership card? Put “HELP” in the member id field and we’ll email it to you, or email us now and we'll send it to you.

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