Document:National Party Email 23 October 2018 GOTV, endorsements, and election results

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Candidates and Campaign Teams,

Congratulations! You have made it to the final sprint to the finish! If you missed last week's Campaign Strategy Series Call on Get Out The Vote, you can listen to here.

If you cannot do a full GOTV effort, you can do this: Friend-to-friend contact has been shown to turn out twice as many voters as traditional voter contact methods. Ask your friends, family, and volunteers to call or text people they know to ask them to vote for you. Include a link to their polling place, if they are texting.

There will not be another Campaign Strategy Series Call until after the election.

Odds and Ends:

Candidates looking for a possible endorsement by Governor Weld should contact (this is a different email than the one sent out a few months ago)

Candidates and campaign teams, if there is a part of your campaign that you did particularly well, I want to hear from you after the election. It can be something small (like an excellent use of texting) or something big (like a brilliant campaign timeline plan of action) or something medium (like volunteer training). I'd like to compile Best Practices in campaigning to share with other candidates currently preparing for a 2019 or 2020 run for office. Sharing this information is how we will grow the numbers of elected Libertarians in office.

Election Results: Please send me the results of your election *with a link to the results* as soon as possible! And the results for any races with a Libertarian candidate. Simply reply to this email and it will get to me.

Good luck and THANK YOU for running for office!

Cara Schulz

LNC Candidate Recruiter

Libertarian Party
1444 DUKE ST
ALEXANDRIA, VA 22314-3403
United States