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At LPStore, We've Got Issues!
Taxation is Theft, You Own Yourself, Guns Save Lives, Tariffs are Taxes that Americans Pay, and many more! Visit LPStore today to find apparel, stickers, and pins promoting the issues and ideals that you care about!
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What Libertarian issues would you like to see featured on our merchandise in 2020? Reply to this email and let us know!

Reward Great Service with a Gift!
The next time you receive great service, leave a tax-free gift instead of a taxable tip with these handsome Tip Cards! The outside of the card features the Libertarian Party logo and an explanation that any cash left with the card is a gift rather than a tip, the inside features a copy of the World's Smallest Political Quiz so that the recipient can find out if they might be Libertarian, too!
Even better, because this offer has been so popular, we are continuing make these available to everyone 20% OFF! The discount will only last for a limited time, so be sure to get yours now!
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Celebrate the New Year with 2020 Libertarian National Convention Apparel!
Ring in 2020 in style with our 2020 national convention short sleeves, long sleeves, and hoodies! All available only while supplies last, so get yours today!
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You can find out more about our 2020 National Convention at