Document:National Party Email 11 November 5 Elections, Conventions and Contests, Oh my!

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Dear Libertarian

Your last chance to submit content for the Affiliate Support Committee contest is today!. Are you an activist? Do you have proof? Maybe you can win $1000. Today, November 5th, is the last day to submit an entry! More details about the Affiliate Support Committee contest are at

Also, today is the last day to take advantage of Super Early Bird Pricing for the Presidential nominating convention in Austin.

Current Prices(Super Early Bird) to Early Bird price changes:

  • Training Only $69 to $79
  • Basic $139 to $159
  • Bronze $239 to $259
  • Silver $339 to $359
  • Gold $429 to $439
  • Gala Only $139 to $159

Purchase at

And don't forget today is election day! If you've got a chance to vote for a Libertarian candidate, please don't let them down. Every vote is counted! If you have the opportunity, please make sure that your vote is counted for a Libertarian! Daniel Fishman sig.png

Daniel Fishman
Executive Director
The Libertarian National Committee