Document:National Party Email 11 February 2020 From the National Party to your County - this changes everything!

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Even those who have been longtime, faithful supporters of the national Libertarian Party are not always aware of the work taking place “on the ground” in the state and county parties. There are 50 individual state affiliates. There are also over 3,000 counties in the United States and each has the potential to become a county affiliate. Each affiliate from county up to national recruits supporters and donors and volunteers and candidates, but there has not been infrastructure in place to allow all the supporters of the Libertarian Party to be organizing. That is changing -- and changing fast.

We have begun the launch of our new CRM (constituent relationship management) tool. Once a state is integrated into the CRM, the leadership and volunteers will have access to the database, and to tools that will strengthen efforts to grow, recruit candidates, find donors, and increase visibility of the party.

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This project is of immeasurable importance, and it needs your support. Data is the lifeblood of a political party, and the more financial resources that this project has, the more staff support will be available, which will allow for every state possible to be integrated in 2020. By supporting affiliate development, you will not only be contributing to the national party, but you will be directly helping your state affiliate and your county affiliates as well. Give your most generous donation today to support your local volunteers, your state leadership, and the entire Libertarian Party.