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If you're receiving this email it's because my amazing team over at the Affiliate Support Committee has decided to extend the passive marketing campaign by a full week! We took notice of your hard work at the polling stations, and decided that we would love to add all of that hard work to the submissions.

If you're not familiar with the #LPEverywhere passive marketing campaign, you can watch the video for it here:

We will now be accepting submissions through November 13th.

Please get any video, photos, or earned media over to LPEverywhere@LP.PRG by the 13th so we can comb through them and get a vote going for the affiliate that will receive the thousand dollar prize. The Libertarian Party Affiliate Support Committee is extremely appreciative of all of the submissions we have received thus far and are in awe of all the hard work you are putting in to carry the party's banner. We cannot wait to see all of your marketing in action on election day!

In Liberty,


Joshua Smith
Chair, Affiliate Support Committee

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