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Last night was a great night for us! Across the country we ran amazing Libertarians for elected positions and saw some strong wins for our candidates and for our party. The numbers are still rolling in, but as it stands we turned out over 176,139 votes for Libertarian candidates and climbing as more elections get certified. LP candidates picked up 21 seats including three mayoral elections and nine city council seats.

Candidates like Sid Daoud (see Sid Dauod) (elected in Montana), benefited from direct training provided by the LNC through Campaigns Advisor Apollo Pazell. In New York, a District Attorney won a three-way race as a Libertarian, and a fusion candidate was elected to the State Supreme Court on the Libertarian line. We are all looking forward to seeing bodies of government with Libertarian principles limiting overreach and empowering people.


We also saw New York City adopt ranked choice voting!

ICYMI: The LNC resolved in January, 2019 “...the Libertarian National Committee is committed to the widespread adoption and implementation of alternative voting methods to replace plurality voting elections.“

In New York City, this will allow independent voters to vote for a Libertarian candidate as their first choice, but not have to worry that they are “throwing away” their vote. If they really want, they can vote for an old-party candidate with their second tier vote. Keep your pulse on the alternative voting movement in your local cities and towns. It’s growing at a rapid pace. It’s also a great place to meet future Libertarians.

It’s important to talk about the Kentucky Governor’s race as well, where Libertarian John Hicks’ 28,000 votes dwarfed the 5000 vote gap between the Democratic winner and the Republican incumbent who lost while bombastically going full Trump. While the word “spoiler” is a poor description (because the only spoiled vote is one cast for a candidate you don’t like), when Libertarians cover the spread, they ensure that both old parties will adopt some libertarian issues in the next campaign. Cannabis legalization, marriage equality, and sports gambling all started out as Libertarian issues, and now they are the law of the land. While John Hicks will not be sitting in the governor’s office in Frankfort, some of his ideas will make it to the statehouse because of his campaign.

Of course there are no wasted votes in ranked choice voting, so perhaps Kentucky will be the next state to replace plurality voting?

Our Live Stream Election Event on Facebook was a great success! It’s been viewed over 16,000 times already and it’s four hours long! We had a great turn out by Libertarians across the country and were fortunate to have winning candidates join us as they learned of their victories. What was echoed repeatedly across the stream was that people are excited to connect with one another and are ready to celebrate more victories for Liberty. All of these results show that the Liberty movement has real legs.

But we can only gain momentum with steam. You can help us stay fueled for larger-scale campaigns by taking the time right now to give. If you have not contributed what is possible for the 2019 year, there is still time! As one cycle shakes out, another rolls along in the background. We are headed into a presidential election year and our resources will surely be pushed full-throttle.

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Or… You can maximize your contribution here. 2020 is the beginning of a new fiscal year for political giving. What do you want to give to the LP in 2019?

Your persistent effort is needed alongside other Libertarians to grow the LP. Congratulations to our newly elected Libertarian officials. We look forward to working with you all towards legislative initiatives and future elections.

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Daniel Fishman
Executive Director
The Libertarian National Committee


I'm hoping this letter makes you think about running in 2020?! Please feel free to forward this email on to anyone else who is talking about the elections today!

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