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Dear fellow Libertarian,

Last year, 1,025 of you responded to our request to review the Libertarian Party Bylaws and Rules Committee's proposals to amend our Party's governing documents.

As a result of the opinions and suggestions you provided, the Committee met again in February and made some significant revisions to our proposals.

Some new proposals were crafted based on your advice.

Some proposals were rewritten to address some gaps or ambiguities you discovered.

Some proposals were divided because you may have liked one aspect of a proposal and disliked another.

And some proposals were dropped altogether due to an insufficient level of support.

It's hard for me to convey to you my (our) appreciation of your involvement. The entire process has been uplifting and inspiring to all of us.

Now I'd like to ask for your help again. The Committee has revised its report, which now makes 43 recommendations we intend to present to the delegates at our national convention in St. Louis later this year.

We'd like you to examine this revised set of proposals and let us know whether you support or oppose each one. We won't have enough time to consider all of them at the convention, so we want to order the more popular proposals first and the less popular proposals last. This will help us make the optimal use of time at the convention. It will also help ensure that the proposals you like best are adopted and the proposals you don't like are not adopted.

We're also very interested in any errors or unintended consequences you might find, even in our revised proposals. Please note any errors or unintended consequences in the comments box for that proposal.

The Committee plans to meet one more time just prior to the 2010 convention, and will have a chance to address any errors -- but only if you point them out to us.

I'm genuinely excited to share with you our recommendations. I hope you'll do me the favor of completing this questionnaire about our revised recommendations. Click here or go to:

If you need to review the current Libertarian Party bylaws, you can find them on the national party's website here.

Remember, this survey is being conducted NOW because in response to the survey last summer, we listened to you.

We want to listen to you again. Your input is valued and your participation important.

Please take a few minutes to work through the questionnaire and let us know what you think.

Thank you and best regards,

Dan Karlan
Chair, Libertarian Party Bylaws and Rules Committee


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