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" the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity…"

Dear Member

These mighty words in the preamble of the Constitution remind us that Liberty is indeed a blessing.

This year you can bestow that blessing in the form of a gift membership to the Libertarian Party! You are already a member of the Libertarian Party. When you go you can put in the name of a friend who loves Liberty and their email address and give them a gift of membership in the Libertarian Party!

You can sign them up for a basic membership at $25 or a lifetime membership at $1500! Whatever level you chose, the new member will get the LP News delivered to their door, a membership card, a thank you note and be kept informed of the activities of the party throughout the year!

How it works:

When you send the gift of membership, we'll contact the recipient of your gift by email and tell them about your generosity! We'll ask them if they want to become a member of the Libertarian Party and link them to our membership form, where they can sign up for free thanks to your gift!

The holiday season is the time to reconnect with old friends. What better way to reach out and tell someone you are thinking about them to give them a thoughtful gift ahead that will keep giving through the tumultuous Presidential election in 2020. Please click through to [ and spread the joy of liberty.

In this season of bells, let freedom ring loudest as the birthright of all humanity. Will you spread holiday cheer and grow the Libertarian Party? And there is no limit to the number of gifts you can give (providing you don't exceed the annual donation limit of $35,500 set by the Scroogish FEC). Your donation to the Libertarian Party can work twice as hard when it's used to bring a new member into the Liberty family. Give a Gift today!

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We are so very thankful for YOU and are grateful to serve such a dedicated constituency!

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