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Do you know all the ways you can give to the LP?

We know as Libertarians there are things that really matter to you. Your money is important and you want your political contributions to have maximum impact on your personal goals and values.

With that, we want to let you know all the different ways you can support the LP before the end of the year when your contribution levels reset to zero.

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Libertarian Party General Fund

Contribution limits of $35,500 per year

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Ballot Access Fund

Aggressively navigating access for candidates and voters in all 50 states

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Affiliate Support Fund

Supporting strengthening ties between state and national party

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Historical Preservation Fund

Maintaining physical and electronic records

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Building Fund (Currently offering a match donation before 2020)

Individual contribution limit of $106,500 annually

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Donate by Bitcoin

Maximum daily contribution $10,000 — Total giving limit $35,500 annually

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Mail in Donation

Please print off and fill out form to mail in with your personal check

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State CRM Fund

Digitally networking our LP affiliates

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Legal Offense Fund

Fighting battles at the state and federal level against 3rd party injustice

We know you want as much control as possible over your money. It's our hope that you will find your impact points and give at your greatest level so we can make the largest leaps for Libertarian principles.

Individually your contribution is valuable to us. Collectively, your impacts can be a catapult to a new kind of governance, one that gives each of us more autonomy over ourselves and our families' financial and physical welfare.

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