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The struggle is REAL...

...the struggle to vote, the struggle to run, the struggle not to give up hope. The struggle to be heard when the old parties dominate the conversation and control far too many aspects of our lives. The holidays where you struggle to educate family members why neither Nationalism nor Socialism is the answer to our problems. The struggle of listening to your brother-in-law bemoan that Trump is being treated unfairly while your sister announces emphatically how uninterested in politics she is.

Perhaps you are actually looking forward to these times of being together. Maybe all you can think about is hot turkey and creamy mashed potatoes. You might enjoy Thanksgiving more if you find an opportunity to talk to those you love about all the important gains and exciting growth the party of Liberty has experienced in 2019:

271,058 votes for Libertarian candidates

87 elected officials in the 2019 cycle

271 seats held across the country

33 states have legalized marijuana for medicinal or responsible adult use

Libertarian Party membership on a significant incline.

Unanimous Victory in Asset Forfeiture Challenge at the US Supreme Court

Ballot Access wins in Connecticut, Ohio, Arkansas, Texas and New York

Ten percent drop in incarceration rates

Elimination of a citizenship question on the US Census

99 years of voting for women

There is so much to celebrate and be thankful for!

Libertarian wins are not possible without contributions from each of you who keep the party moving full steam ahead toward each victory. We here at LP headquarters are so grateful for every individual gift that allows us to keep building off of every win and planning for future breakthroughs in Liberty.

We hope that you take this opportunity to reinforce your support for the Libertarian National Party.

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We are so very thankful for YOU and are grateful to serve such a dedicated constituency!

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