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Libertarian candidates win fight for ballot access in Connecticut
Libertarian candidates Roger and Ellen Misbach settled a lawsuit against the Secretary of the State and their names will appear on the [Meriden] November mayoral and City Council ballot.
Roger Misbach sued the Secretary of the State’s office and Secretary Denise Merrill for denying ballot access to the Misbachs over filing requirements. The parties settled the matter the day before an Oct. 10 court hearing.
Roger Misbach will appear on the ballot as the Libertarian Party’s mayoral candidate and Ellen Misbach as the City Council Area 4 candidate..

Long-time Libertarian Creates Governing Body In Detroit
At first glance it may seem ironic that a Libertarian would create a governing body of any kind, but this one receives no tax revenue and makes no laws. It has no enforcement powers either.
Detroit is subdivided into seven districts. District Four will be the second of those districts to establish a Community Advisory Council (CAC). This is thanks to the effort of perennial Libertarian candidate and former state chair Scotty Boman. He spent his summer collecting 1,570 signatures on a petition to create a Community Advisory Council for Detroit’s fourth District

CNN links to a Libertarian Party page!
Great news! The Libertarian Party picked up some media coverage!
As the Libertarian Pary’s Membership Manager, I am always looking for issues and communities that coincide with the Libertarian Party’s message of non-aggression.
When President Trump announced that his administration would target flavored vaping products, I knew this was an issue that would send voters to the Libertarian Party.

LPLA chair featured in Louisiana’s largest daily newspaper
Rufus Craig, chair of the Libertarian Party of Louisiana, was featured in an article in The Advocate, Louisiana’s largest daily newspaper, on September 27, 2019. He is running for the state Senate sixth district seat on October 12.

Scotusblog Lists Libertarian Party Bequest Case as a “Petition of the Week”
Scotusblog, the blog of the United States Supreme Court, has highlighted the petition pending before the court regarding the case of the Libertarian Party’s lawsuit against the Federal Elections Commission as one of its “Petitions of the Week" in early October.

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