Document:Libertarian Youth Caucus Bylaws (2016)

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Statement of Organization:

The Libertarian Youth Caucus hereby known as “LYC”, and also “The organization”, shall be established, and its existence perpetual until disbanded, from the date of its formation. This organization, on the national level, shall be considered to have ceased to exist or dissolved if no Board meeting has been held for 24 consecutive months; or if no general membership meeting is held at a Libertarian Party National Convention for at least four years. Upon disbandment, any funds left in the Treasury shall be turned over to the Libertarian Party. In this event, local and regional organizations may still exist under the banner of “Libertarian Youth Caucus”.

Mission Statement:

“Promoting the restructuring of the party and its policy to promote outreach and membership of younger voters within the Libertarian Party.”

Organizational Structure:

There shall be Three levels of organization: National, Regional, and Local. The organization as a whole shall be overseen by the National Board of Directors, and the appointed officers.

National Organization:

The National Organization shall be led by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall consist of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Director of Campaigns and Regional Directors. The Board of Directors shall be the top body of executives in the organization.

Duties of the National Organization as a whole

The National Organization shall be in charge of all the administration of the organization

The National Organization shall be in charge of any committee or campaign overseen by the organization

The National Organization shall be in charge of all money and finance received by LYC on any level.

The National Organization shall appoint officers of the organization.

The National Organization shall handle any relations with candidates, as well as the oversight of Political Action Committees or other organizations LYC.

The National Organization shall lead national campaigns benefiting the Libertarian Party, and libertarianism as a whole.

The National Organization shall foster local development.

Duties of National Officers


The Chairman shall be in charge and responsible for the administration of the whole organization. The Chairman shall have all executive authority and shall be the spokesman of the organization in all forms of media. The Chairman shall be elected by popular vote of all active members. The Chairman shall serve as Parliamentarian, and chair for all Board meetings.

Vice Chairman

The Vice Chairman shall see to the day – to – day administration of the Caucus. The Vice Chairman may be delegated responsibilities of the chair, by the chair, or step up as the Chair, if the Chair cannot perform said duties. The Vice Chairman shall serve as the Secretary for all Board meetings.

Director of Campaigns

The Director of Campaigns will oversee all national/multi-regional campaigns of the Libertarian Youth Caucus. Campaigns are not limited to Presidential campaigns, but shall also include (but is not limited to): single issue campaigns, voter registration drives, ballot initiatives, civil disobedience demonstrations, and membership drives. The Director of Campaigns will oversee the administration of all committees dealing with campaigns, and may advise local candidates on the subject of youth outreach.

Chairs at – large

Chairs at large may be delegated duties, and shall have full voting privileges in meetings.

The BoD shall not exceed 15 members, but shall not be under 4. There shall never be more Supporters on the BoD than Members.


The Board can appoint, as it sees fit, members to committees, and give them appropriate titles by popular vote. The time of duration for the life of a committee must be specified upon its creation. A Committee can last no longer than one year before the status and need of said committee is reevaluated, with the exception of the Perpetual Committees. Committees, when designated must have a specific goal and purpose. Committees shall always be subject to audit, and are directly overseen by the board. Committees shall have at minimum three members, and at maximum, seven. Subcommittees are forbidden, except with unanimous decision by the Board. In the event that the Board cannot meet to approve the request to add members to a committee, and only if the appointment is absolutely necessary, shall the chair of the respective committee be permitted to appoint interim members. These members will then be affirmed or denied into the committee within one month of their interim appointment. If the board still cannot meet, the member will be denied permanent status into the committee. The Board may at any time remove or add members of a committee by majority vote. No individual may hold more than one chair position on a committee. A single member can be part of multiple committees, but may not lead more than one, because it may present a conflict of interests.

Perpetual Committees

Finance Committee: The Finance Committee shall always be occupied and maintained. The Chair of the Finance Committee Shall be deemed “Treasurer”. The Finance Committee shall oversee the intake of money to the caucus, and create plans for fundraising. The Finance Committee shall also have the authority to audit any aspect of the youth caucus, and shall report quarterly to the board.

Public Relations Committee: The Public Relations Committee shall oversee all printed and otherwise published materials with the organization’s brand. The Public Relations committee may make recommendations to the chair on speaking on behalf of the caucus.

Judicial Committee: though Perpetual, the Judicial committee shall remain unoccupied until serious need arises. The Judicial Committee shall interpret this document and the LYC Charter to make serious judgement when conflict on this document and the charter arises, or when a caucus member has violated a code of conduct. There shall be seven members of this committee, and those members shall be selected by the Board.

No person shall be an officer, nor a member of a committee, that is not a member of the Caucus. All leaders of the Caucus must be members of the Libertarian Party and the Libertarian Youth Caucus, and shall have signed a nondisclosure agreement.

Regional Organization:

Regional Organizations shall be created for the convenience of the proper maintenance of local organizations, by the national organization . Regions shall roughly resemble Libertarian National Committee Regions, and shall be set every two years, following the organization of LNC regions.

Each region shall be led by a Regional Director. Regional organizations shall consist of an executive committee chosen by the National Board of Directors, The regional executive committee shall, at least, be comprised of a Vice Director, Secretary, and Campaigns Coordinator. Regions shall advise their respective State parties on issues, and distribute funds to local affiliates. Each Region shall elect a representative to the Board, who shall have a vote, but shall not be considered a member of the Board. Regional Representatives shall be elected by all members of LYC residing in the correlating region.

Local Organization

Each Local Organization shall choose their own leadership, and style of organization. Suggestions for leadership structures shall be posted by the regional and national organizations.

Requirements of Local Affiliates

The Formation of a local affiliate requires at least four founding members, then the submission and acceptance of the organizational application and signed Affiliate Organizational Contract to their respective regional organization. If no Regional Organization exists, then the local affiliate shall send their application to the National Organization for review by the Director of Membership and Affiliates.

Local Affiliates agree to: follow LYC requirements on branding and name, as well as instruction on other organizational resources that are reserved solely for use in support of Libertarian Party candidates. See Candidate Endorsement Requirements.

Candidate Endorsement Requirements

Libertarian Party Candidates for Public Office

General Election

Any Libertarian Party candidate may receive voluntary support from local LYC affiliates, unless said candidate has received a Disapproval from the National BoD. Any Libertarian Party candidate receives an implicit endorsement from LYC, unless said candidate has received a Disapproval from the National BoD. No LYC local affiliate may lend support, advice, or otherwise associate or help a candidate who does not have an endorsement from the Libertarian Party, or a county/state Libertarian Party affiliate. If any LYC local affiliate does support a candidate who is not a Libertarian, they will be considered for immediate removal from the organization.


Any Libertarian Party candidate may receive voluntary support from local LYC affiliates, unless said candidate has received a Disapproval from the National BoD. Local LYC affiliates may choose to back one candidate preferentially in primaries.

Libertarian Party Candidates for Party Positions

Any Libertarian Party candidate may receive support from The Organization, unless said candidate has received a Disapproval from the National BoD. Only the BoD may endorse a candidate on behalf of the LYC, upon a ¾ vote. Individual LYC members may endorse candidates, but may not do so on behalf of the LYC.


Amendments to these bylaws may be proposed in regular or nonregular meetings of the LYC Board. Amendments shall be proposed in writing, and require a two-thirds majority of all LYC Board members, including Board members not present.

Amendments to these bylaws shall be binding immediately unless otherwise specified in the amendment proposal with a specific date.

This version of the bylaws was implemented by the Board of Directors on August 13th, 2016.