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The following news appeared on the Libertarian Party of New York's website in 1998.

12/22/98: Please show your generosity this holiday season by making a year-end contribution to the LPNY... please make checks out to the LPNY and send them to P.O. Box 1036, Rockville Centre, NY 11571.

Please take a minute to find how you can help save a local Libertarian candidate from an anonymous campaign.
Adopt a Candidate!
12/21/98: Mark your calendars for the weekend of January 8th.... see the War on Dare section for information on the Million Marijuana March planning meetings. Also, get info about the protest in Trenton against Gov. Whitman's stance against needle exchange.

12/17/98: Add your favorite libertarian links to our Excite Community bookmark list. Also see our online calendar there and add your local events.

12/15/98: NY State election results are final... see the NY State Board of Elections site. (PDF--Adobe Acrobat required.)

11/27/98: Only a few more shopping days left! No, not the Christmas rush. There are only a two more days to purchase a firearm before the Brady Bill goes into effect. As of Monday, November 30th, all purchasers will be subject to a background check AND will be placed on a federal registry of gun owners. Buy now and only the store you purchase from will have your name, address and NY State driver's license info... only if the gun were used in a crime will anyone else access this information. Find a gun shop near you.... downstate or anywhere in New York State (courtesy of Big Yellow).

November: we've redesigned to make the front page simpler, and the sections tighter, yet more comprehensive. Compare with the older version, and let us know how you like it.
11/3/98: Post-election: if you're online, stop by our community (courtesy of Excite). To just browse as a guest: use this link instead.

Also... John Ayling reports of booth problems in Carmel 11/3/98: Remind your friends and co-workers to vote! Print out a few flyers and stick around at the polls for an hour or two when you go to vote. Or stop by for a few hours after work. The polls are open until 8PM today. Vote for us!

11/1/98: Election Day is Tuesday! Come to the polls and vote for the Libertarian candidates! Remember that every votes counts for us!

10/23/98: Protest Candidate Exclusion in the Debates -- Sunday, at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York City, at noon. BE THERE! Libertarians and other qualified candidates who were excluded from NBC's debate will rally and try to garner as much media attention as possible. more info...

10/14/98: Action Alert -- NY State Senate debates are excluding qualified candidates! Let your voice be heard! Please call WRGB in Schenectady and WNBC in NYC. Here's where to call and what to say.

On October 20, join LPNY member Matt Z. Siegel at "The Great Drug Debate" in NYC.

Let us know if you have other events you'd like to announce here.

10/7/98: Chris Garvey made an appearance at the NY State Rifle & Pistol Association's annual meeting at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in White Plains.

9/24/98: Campaign manager Richard Cooper is getting the word out to newspaper editors accross the state, letting them know what we stand for. Recent releases include: Libertarians Offer Alternative to Pataki & Democrat "X", Libertarians "Unplug" LILCO Scheme Threatening Us All, Libertarians Defending Property Rights on Long Island.

9/22/98: Your help is needed in the Letters to the Editor Campaign! View sample letters and get addresses for your local papers here at the LPNY's Letters to the Editor Site. (Various e-mail and snail mail addresses provided.)

Don't put it off: we need them to appear before the elections!

9/16/98: Chris Garvey and Don Silberger are starting to get their message out! See our listing of recent and scheduled Media Coverage.

9/10/98: SUNY New Paltz College Chapter met tonight. Weekly meetings will be on Wednesdays at 9 PM. Location varies: contact Jason Gagnon.

Upcoming events include seminar Pot, Prostitution, and Politics, the 24th of September, and Cash, Capitalism, and Change, on October 1st (both will be held in the Lecture Center Room 100 at 7:30 PM. The NewPaltz chapter will also have a table at the activities fair on campus September 23rd.

8/28/98: AIDS-Cancer Patient Peter McWilliams Released on $250,000 bail. Peter McWilliams, an "outspoken advocate of medical marijuana and Proposition 215," was arrested on July 23, 1998. He was released 8/24, and we are still waiting to hear about the pending case. About the War on Drugs

8/21/98: Libertarian candidate for 3rd Assembly District wins court case to be listed on Conservative line as well. Read our Press Release

8/18/98: The Libertarian Party of New York hands in 27,862 signatures in Albany, a number we believe remains unchallenged. Our Candidates are on the ballot! Thanks to everyone who participated.

8/2/98: Your help is needed in the last two weeks of petitioning! Please print out some forms, no matter how many signatures you think you can collect: every one is needed. Let's Pick up the Pace!

7/15/98: What's new in New York? Public welfare for baseball teams! Read why the Libertarian candidate for governor of New York is opposed to Ball Pork

7/5/98: NY Delegates attended the Libertarian National Convention in Washington, DC from July 2 to July 5th. We elected David Bergland Party Chair, Muni Savyon our Regional Representative, and made slight changes to the party platform. Read about it at the LP National site. (link will open new window)

5/6/98: Headlines from the 1998 LPNY Convention in Poughkeepsie:

Garvey and Silberger head LP ticket. 
Conti and Goodman also run for state offices.
Ambassador Alan Keyes asks for LP nomination for U.S. Senate, but convention chooses Bill McMillen to run against D'Amato
Successful convention boasts noted speakers an d visitors, including Sharon Harris, Michael Cloud, John Cushman, Ron Crickenberger, Muni Savynon.
Jim Harris is new State Chair.
Full list of current LPNY Officers, with contact info.

4/4/98: News from the Suffolk County Libertarian Campaign Committee