Document:Libertarian Party Mises Caucus Email 8 June 2020 Can you join us in Orlando for the LNC?

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Two important convention related items today:

First, we are trying to encourage as many Mises Caucus-affiliated Delegates and Alternates to make the trip to the Orlando convention (July 8-12, with the later days being most crucial).

To that end, we're offering to cover the cost of Airbnb accommodations for those who want to come, but can't quite afford it. (Our budget is not unlimited, so if you don't actually need the financial help, please leave a spot open for someone who does.)

We are also trying to make sure we have contact info (email and phone/text) for everyone so that we can push updates to you in real time on the convention floor.

So, if you're a Delegate or Alternate, please fill in this form whether you're definitely going or not, or even if you're still not sure.

Second, it's time for nominations for the 2020 LPMC Human Action Award, which we'll announce during the Take Human Action Bash in Orlando.

Fill in this form to nominate the person you think has done the most over the last several months to help fulfill the mission of the Mises Caucus. Past winners are Michael Heise and Maj Toure.

The deadline for submissions is midnight Friday night; LPMC members will then vote on the top nominees to determine a winner.

Thanks for your support of the Mises Caucus—we hope to see you in Orlando in just one short month!