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Dear members and friends of the Mises Caucus,

As you know, the status of the Libertarian National Convention, which was originally scheduled for Austin, Texas over Memorial Day Weekend, has been threatened by the COVID-19 pandemic, and within the last week, the host hotel canceled the event without consulting the party.

In light of this, the Libertarian National Committee, which is the LP’s governing board, is meeting Saturday, May 2 to decide on how—or indeed whether—to proceed with a convention.

Yes, you read that right: One of the options being discussed is to cancel the convention entirely, which would trigger another two-year term for all current members of the LNC, including Chair Nick Sarwark, and enable the LNC to choose the LP’s presidential ticket.

Another proposal that is likely to be debated at Saturday’s meeting would allow for remote voting, but also give the LNC chair sweeping, unprecedented powers to control debate and invalidate votes after they are taken. What’s most troubling about this proposal is that it’s coming from by the bylaws committee, which is chaired by none other than Joe Bishop-Henchman, Joshua Smith’s main opponent in the race for chair.

In a Facebook post on Thursday, Smith, the Mises Caucus-endorsed candidate for LNC chair, said this:

"On Saturday, during the LNC meeting, I will refuse to circumvent our bylaws to hold a virtual convention, (which will be an absolute mess) a rump convention, or a cancelled convention so long as there is any option on the table to have an in-person national convention.

"LNC members and Chair candidates should not be using backroom deals, or committees who don't have that authority to circumvent the bylaws for their own personal gain and motives. Our delegates should be given the chance to show up and direct the business of the party like they do every two years. What they choose is how our party proceeds for the following two years, and the most fair way to go about that is laid out in our bylaws already. No changes needed.

"Should July roll around, and there not be any option to meet, we can explore the nuclear options. This will also give the party more time to think about those options, and plan them while holding out for an in-person meeting."

As a part of the Mises Caucus, I’m sure that you agree with Joshua and you’re quite upset at hearing that all of our hard work to reform the LP over the last two years may be put on hold for another two years—that is, if one of these sketchy scenarios catches on with the members of the LNC.

That’s where you come in. We’re asking for everyone who opposes the cancellation or hijacking of the Libertarian National Convention to reach out each member of the LNC in order to politely convey exactly that.

You can send a message to all 25 members (and alternates) of the LNC at this link by going to the drop-down menu and selecting “Contact all LNC members.” This will open a message form that will take your message and send it to each member’s inbox.

Please keep it civil, but otherwise let them know that you insist they act with integrity and in the best interests of the more than 1,000 delegates who should be allowed to fulfill their duties—and exercise their rights—as planned.

Let's make sure that 2020 is the year we #BreakTheCycle!

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