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The Latest Information on this year's Libertarian National Convention

For the last few months, the Mises Caucus has focused our efforts on preparing for the Libertarian National Convention in Austin on Memorial Day weekend.

Our goals haven't changed:

  • secure the LP presidential nomination for Jacob Hornberger
  • elect Joshua Smith as the new LNC chair
  • help elect well-qualified people to the other LNC slots
  • protect our party platform from unwise revisions

Every indication is that there will indeed be an LNC convention this year, but the time, place, and/or manner of the convention may change based on the coronavirus situation and the many policies that government officials are enacting in response to it.

The LNC met a few days ago to discuss contingency plans, and many options were discussed—everything from proceeding without any changes at all to holding a virtual convention that would allow delegates to vote from home or from smaller meetings in each state.

Because a) the convention is still scheduled for its original time and b) we can't anticipate what form a modified convention would take, we are asking that everyone who has already made plans to come to Austin refrain from changing those plans until further notice, if at all possible.

The LNC will be meeting sometime in April to make a final determination on how to proceed, and we will keep you updated in these emails and in our private Facebook group.

In the meantime, please check out our new podcast, Decentralized Revolution. Here's the most recent episode featuring Tim Moen, leader of the Canadian Libertarian Party:

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