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Three important items today:

1) We have a dwindling number of free Airbnb slots in Orlando (July 8-12) for those who are convention delegates or alternates, so if you need a little help to make the trip work, please fill in this form to let us know and we'll try to fit you in.

2) If you're interested in helping strong Libertarian candidates in competitive races, we'd love to have you volunteer for an upcoming phone banking opportunity—just send an email with "phone bank" in the subject line to and we'll get you plugged in.

3) We need your help choosing among the four finalists for this year's Human Action Award, which we'll be giving out at a Mises Caucus event in Orlando: Jacob Hornberger, Scott Horton, Dave Smith, and Joshua Smith. The ballot is here, and voting ends at midnight Eastern July 3.

Become a monthly contributor to Mises PAC here.

Register for door prizes—including an AR rifle—in our upcoming money bomb here.

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