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It’s hard to believe, but Election Day 2020 is almost six short months away. Though the status of the Libertarian National Convention remains undetermined and live state conventions, campaign events, and debates are on hold, the Libertarian Party Mises Caucus isn’t letting up on our support for Jacob Hornberger, Joshua Smith, and the best local candidates we can identify.

We have two important upcoming events that will stream live to our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages:

—Tomorrow night, Sunday April 26, at 7:30 p.m. EDT we will be hosting a live Q&A with Joshua Smith, the Mises Caucus-endorsed candidate for national LP chair. (This event was originally conceived as a chair debate between Joshua and his main opponent, Joe Bishop-Henchman, but Joe declined, even when we offered to let him choose the moderator.)

On Sunday, May 10 from 7:30-10 p.m. EDT, the Mises Caucus will be hosting a live LP presidential candidate debate, with invitees Jacob Hornberger, Jim Gray, Jo Jorgenson, and Vermin Supreme. (Should Justin Amash enter the race, we plan to invite him as well.)

Also, Mises PAC is looking to support, as we did last year, several strong local-level Libertarian candidates this election season who are skilled at promoting the issues at the core of our strategy, such as an Austrian understanding of the economy and radical political decentralization. To be eligible for a Mises PAC endorsement or campaign contribution, we ask that candidates fill in our 2020 LPMC Candidate Survey as soon as possible.

Finally, we are incredibly thankful that the sharp economic downturn has led to only a small dip in monthly contributions to Mises PAC. We are still deciding when to hold the postponed the Mises PAC Money Bomb, which means you still have time to register for the door prizes, which include an AR-15, silver rounds, Mises Caucus t-shirts, and more. And if you can afford to, please consider becoming a monthly contributor to Mises PAC at whatever recurring amount is right for you.

Thanks for all your support, and stay tuned for updates on the Hornberger and Smith campaigns and on the Libertarian National Convention.

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