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To all friends of the Mises Caucus and Mises PAC,

First of all, we hope that you and yours are healthy and safe, and that your livelihoods have not been threatened too badly.

However, we know that many of us indeed will be affected in some way, not only by the virus, but by the government's response to it at the federal, state, and local levels.

For that reason, we've decided to postpone the Mises PAC Money Bomb, which was slated for this Saturday, March 28. We will make every effort to reschedule the Money Bomb with livestream guests Jacob Hornberger, Tom Woods, Scott Horton, and Dave Smith as soon as possible—but we have no firm timetable yet. We will also still give away the AR and other door prizes, which you can still register to win here.

The coming months will ensure that millions of Americans will be looking for answers, explanations, and a way forward.

That's why we will continue to build the Libertarian Party Mises Caucus and Mises PAC because—as the news from D.C. and the Fed are showing—there's never been a more important time for a Libertarian Party—and a wider libertarian movement—rooted in Austrian economics and radical political decentralization.

In the meantime, let's stay connected in our private Facebook group and, if you haven't yet, dive into some episodes of our podcast, Decentralized Revolution; the most recent episode features Larry Sharpe.

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