Document:Libertarian Party Mises Caucus Email 1 July 2020 Save the In-Person Libertarian Convention

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Dear members and friends of the Mises Caucus,

Once again there is a movement afoot by some members of the Libertarian National Committee to subvert the will of the delegates and act in violation of our bylaws by canceling the Orlando convention.

While it is true that the original Orlando venue will be unable to host the convention, the hotel company has made available all the same arrangements at another of their properties just a couple of miles away from the planned site.

Delegates and alternates should have just received an email poll from the LNC asking them to weigh in. We urge you to complete this by 11 p.m. EDT tonight and indicate that you oppose canceling the in-person convention.

We also urge you to send a polite but firm email to all the members of the LNC by following this link. (Just use the drop-down menu to select "Contact all LNC members." Also, when asked to list "affiliate" enter your state.)

Thanks for helping us ensure that the convention is conducted as planned by and agreed upon by the delegates.

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