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Three items today:

First: We are still working on getting as many Mises Caucus-affiliated Delegates and Alternates to Orlando as possible from July 8-12, with the later days being most crucial.

We still have paid-for Airbnb spots open for those who are already Delegates or Alternates—the chances are very good that alternates will be seated as delegates, either by their own state or a state whose delegation is not full.

So, if finances have kept you from committing to Orlando, fill in this form to let us know and we'll try help you out with free accommodations.

Second: We are already sketching out plans for the 2020 convention in Reno. One of our main goals is to increase Mises Caucus participation in the LP in states that have fewer Mises Caucus delegates than we'd like this year. If you would like to be part of the organizing team for your state—especially in Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, or Ohio—please respond to this email with your name, state, and contact info and we'll get you some more information.

Third: As you know, we canceled the Mises Caucus Money Bomb slated for late March and ceased most fundraising appeals because of the economic hit to so many people in the wake of the COVID-19 shutdowns. (The good news is that we didn't take as big a hit to our monthly contributor base as we anticipated.)

After a recent discussion in our Facebook group, and with the understanding that many people are still facing hard times, we feel that it's appropriate to ease back into fundraising now. We also plan to reschedule the Money Bomb soon, probably sometime in the next few weeks following Orlando.

So, if you're not a monthly contributor to Mises PAC, please consider doing so here at whatever level fits your budget, and if you're not registered to win the AR rifle we're giving away as a Money Bomb door prize, please register here.

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