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Dear Friends,

We’re still waiting for a final determination on whether the Libertarian National Convention on Memorial Day weekend in Austin is going ahead as scheduled. It’s looking like it will to some extent, likely with the option for delegates to vote remotely. But because of the uncertainty, we’re asking everyone to not change their plans. If you have reserved plane tickets or accommodations, keep them. If you’re a delegate or alternate from your state, hold on to that spot even if you might not be able to travel, because you may still be able to vote remotely. As soon as the relevant decisions are made, we’ll update you here and in our Facebook group.

We recently purchased the AR-15 that was slated to be raffled off during the Mises Caucus Money Bomb, which was to have taken place on March 29. We haven’t yet decided on a new date for the raffle and money bomb, but will let you know here when we do. In the meantime, you can register to win the AR and other door prizes here, and you can become a monthly contributor to the Mises Caucus here.

Thanks to the continued generosity of our supporters, even during these tough times, we’ve just purchased a customer relationship management technology suite called Aristotle. Designed specifically for political groups, this investment will be a powerful tool to get Mises PAC to the next level and beyond, especially in growing our state and local organizations.

After a long delay in getting certified to run ads on Facebook, which has strict rules for political organizations, we’ve recently cleared that hurdle, and expect to grow our numbers with ad campaigns targeted at “small-l” libertarians who are not presently active in the LP and/or the Mises Caucus.

Our new podcast, Decentralized Revolution, just posted two new episodes—episode 9 with filmmaker Jimmy Morrison, and episode 10 with Hornberger 2020 campaign manager Jake Porter. Episodes 11 (Maj Toure) and 12 (Dave Smith) are in the can and will be released within the next few days. Please share Decentralized Revolution with your friends, and, if you like it, rate and review it on your podcatcher of choice.

We've started talks with all the relevant people in an effort to stage an online (for now) presidential debate or two, as well as a debate between Joshua Smith and Joe Bishop-Henchman, Joshua's main opponent for Libertarian National Committee chair. Watch this space for more details!

Finally, all of us on the Mises Caucus and Mises PAC leadership teams would like to thank you all for your continued support—financial or otherwise—during these tough times. Here's hoping that the lockdowns are lifted soon, the virus subsides quickly, and we can get back to work at 100 precent capacity spreading the message of Austrian economics and radical political decentralization—a message that's never been more urgent.

In Liberty,

Michael Heise

LPMC/Mises PAC Chair

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