Document:Letter from Angela McArdle 3 June 2022 re Voiding of Suspension of Caryn Ann Harlos

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Angela McArdle, Chair

1444 Duke St.

Alexandria, VA 22314

June 3, 2022


To Whom it May Concern:

It has come to my attention that there is a dispute regarding Ms. Harlos’ tenure as Secretary of the Libertarian National Committee (“LNC”) from 2020 to 2022. Ms. Harlos was (wrongfully) removed from her position during a meeting of the LNC Meeting 4-5 September 2021LNC on September 5, 2021, in Louisville, KY.On May 29, 2022, at the Libertarian Party National Convention in Reno, NV, Brodi Ellwood (delegate from Massachusetts) raised a Point of Order that the removal of LNC Secretary Caryn Ann Harlos was a continuing breach of the LNC’s bylaws because Ms. Harlos was not accorded her due process rights prior to her removal.

The convention’s Presiding Officer at that time, Ken Moellman, ruled Mr. Ellwood’s Point of Order not well- taken. A vote on Mr. Moellman’s ruling was promptly taken of the assembled delegates, and the delegates overwhelmingly overruled Chair Moellman, upholding Mr. Ellwood’s Point of Order. The effect of this delegate decision made the removal of Ms. Harlos as LNC Secretary null and void, as if it never happened. This means that Ms. Harlos remained LNC Secretary for her full 2020 – 2022 term, despite the prior LNC’s refusal to recognize that fact. Mr. John Wilford effectively served as Secretary Pro Tem, but not official LNC Secretary, during the remainder of Ms. Harlos’ term.

I trust this resolves any question about this point of procedure. For your further reference, we govern our meetings according to Roberts Rules of Order, Newly Revised. The Libertarian National Committee thanks Mr. John Wilford profusely for his service during that difficult time and as Convention Secretary for the 2022 Libertarian Party National Convention.

Very truly yours,

Angela McArdle, Chair of the Libertarian National Committee