Document:Letter 9 March 1972 Invitation to Organizational Meeting of the Texas Libertarian Party

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7412 Southway
Houston, 77017

Dear Libertarian:

I am writing to you because you have expressed interest in libertarianism or in the concept of a libertarian party. As you probably know the national Libertarian Party has been organized. We are in the process of organizing the Texas Libertarian Party. If you are interest in the Texas Libertarian Party would please fill out and return this questionnaire? Please do so promptly as we are planning to hold an organizational meeting in the very near future. This meeting will be the first formal meeting for the Party. I hope that if you are interested you will attend this most important meeting.

Most interested people seem to be located in one of two areas -- either the Ft. North-Dallas area or the Houston area. Thus, although a single meeting would be desirable, it might be better to hold a meeting in each area. What is your preference? (Please keep in mind the organizational advantage of a single meeting.)

Tentative date is either Sat., April 1 or Sun., April 2. What is your preference? Is another date better? Would you prefer a morning, afternoon, or evening meeting? (Keep in mind that although we should be able to complete all business in a few hours, we might go on longer)

In what way can you and will you work for the party? (e.g. candidate, clerical, financial, literature distribution, writer, etc.)

What is your basic philosophical orientation?

Any other suggestions, comments or ideas regarding the Party in general or this conference in particular?

Please feel free to call on me or on Mike Holmes, who is temporary head of the executive committee. His address is P.O. Box 66321, Houston. I hope to see you at this meeting.

Keith R. Jones, Acting Chairman