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As of the date this Newsletter went to press (November 15th), the Committee had 63 members; this represents a doubling of membership in the last month. We expect to continue doubling in size every month for several months, and may do even better during the next few weeks, as a major feature article on the libertarian party concept will be appearing in the INDIVIDUALIST shortly.

Based on the responses received on our preliminary questionnaire, we now have a good idea of who we will be appealing to, and have been able to make certain basic decisions. Our findings, and the conclusions we have drawn from them, are as follows…

First, this will be a young party; the average age of those who have returned their questionnaires to date is 28, with one-fourth of the respondents being over 30, one-fourth under 20, and half in their 20's.

Our support is overwhelmingly drawn from people who have in the past supported the GOP; over 75% are Republicans or ex-Republicans, with most of the others having no party affiliation at the moment.

Philosophically, the breakdown is: Objectivist 36%, Miseist 23%, Anarchist 17%, Heinleinist 16%, with the reminder scattered.

A substantial majority of the respondents indicated that they felt that $5 or $6 was the most reasonable amount for annual membership dues; a number also indicated that there should be a graduated dues system, to permit students to join without undue financial strain. We have therefore adopted the following dues structure: Student Membership $4, Regular Membership $6, Sustaining Membership $12. In addition, we have created two categories of membership to recognize the contributions of major financial supporters: Life Membership ($100), and Life Sustaining Membership ($250). In order to encourage prompt enrollment, it was also decided that anyone who pays his or her dues for 1972 on or before December 15th may deduct from his dues the $2 he paid to join the Organizing Committee.

Regarding preferences for a name for our new party, there was an overwhelming margin in favor of Liberty Party, among the four choices given. However, there were many write-ins for Libertarian Party as well. For this reason, we are asking you to give us your preference between these two names; please use the attached form. [1]

Regarding convention time, there was also a dichotomy; preferences were divided evenly between late March and early June. We therefore ask that you give us additional data on this question (use form). Both times have their strong and weak points; an early convention gives us more time to get on the ballot and promote our platform and candidates, but a late convention will give us more time to prepare, to locate candidates, and to build up membership. Incidentally, over 80% of those responding have indicated that they would be interested in attending!

Seventy-five percent indicated that we should run candidates for President and VP; sixty percent favor running candidates for lower offices. Therefore, if possible, we will do both. Suggestions for candidates were numerous (over 40, altogether), but less than 1/3 were mentioned by more than three people. Those most often suggested were the following; please give us your thoughts on these people, using the form.

MARTIN ANDERSON – author of The Federal Bulldozer.

REP. PHILIP M. CRANE (R-Ill) – sponsor of H.R. 1258, a bill to legalize gold ownership; generally a Buckley-style conservative, but much more “”hard-line” than Buckley.

SEN. SAM ERVIN (D-N.C.) – the Senate’s leading authority on Constitutional law; an economic conservative, and the leading opponent of wiretapping, no-knock, etc.

A. ERNEST FITZGERALD – head of the National Taxpayers Union, and the man who exposed massive waste in Pentagon spending.

MILTON FRIEDMAN – noted Chicago-school economist, opponent of the draft, originator of the “guaranteed income”” plan.

REP. H.R. GROSS (R-Iowa) – the House’s number-one opponent of government spending; votes “no” on everything. Strong isolationist.

SEN. MARK HATFIELD (R-Ore) – a sometime opponent of the draft, and of military spending; bad on domestic spending (pro-freeze), and very religion-oriented.

ROBER HEINLEIN – libertarian science-fiction author (Stranger in a Strange Land, Moon is a Harsh Mistress, Glory Road, etc.)

KARL HESS – once a speechwriter for Barry Goldwater, now a self-styled “new left anarchist.”

VIVIEN KELLEMS – one-woman scourge of the I.R.S., currently engaged in a battle to reduce taxes for single taxpayers. Recently led the successful battle to repeal the Connecticut state income tax.

HENRY MANNE – Stanford Law professor who has battled Ralph Nader over “consumer protection” laws; has written for Barron’s, and The Freeman.

SEN. WILLIAM PROXMIRE (D-Wis) – strong proponent of economy in government, although his record on non-defense spending is mediocre. Uncompromisingly against the Vietnam war and the draft.

LP News
November 1971
LPNews #2

  1. This form was not attached to the newsletter when found and is still an item to be found and documents.