Document:LPNY Minutes 22 April 1972

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The first meeting of the New York Libertarian Party was held on April 22, 1972, at 25 Sutton Place South, New York City. The following policy decisions were made:

(1) The Party's first objective is to expand its membership in New York State, with the ultimate goal of establishing a club in every Assembly District in the State plus student, worker, professional and other special interest clubs.

(2) Decentralization will be a major principle of the Party, with local clubs responsible for work in their own areas and for their own finances.

(3) The Party will run a candidate for the 18th Congressional District and probably for other offices in November 1972

(4) A group of leading Libertarians will be asked to serve on an Advisory Board to the Party.

The following actions were taken:

(1) Edward E. Clark was elected Temporary Chairperson of the New York Party.

(2) A working group consisting of Les Davidson, Melvin Hirshowitz, Jerome Klasman, Michael Higgins, Calvin Beatty and Raymond Goldfield was elected to assist the Chairperson.

(3) The following persons were selected to plan for the proper structural organization of the Party and to report this plan to the membership: Gary Greenberg, Jerome Klasman, Les Davidson, Michael Higgins, Marc Fitzgerald, Raymond Goldfield and Edward E. Clark.

(4) All members were asked to send comments on the Temporary National Platform to the State Chairman

(5) The candidacy of Guy W. Riggs as the Libertarian candidate for the 99th Assembly District was endorsed.

(6) The decision was made to incorporate as a New York membership corporation.

(7) The next meeting of the Party was set for 2:00 P.M. on Sunday, May 21, 1972.

Respectfully submitted
Edward E. Clark
Temporary Chairperson