Document:LPNY Email 10 May 2017 LPNY Pushes for Restoration of Convict Voting Rights

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LPNY Pushes for Restoration of Convict Voting Rights

On Saturday, April 29, 2017, the Libertarian Party of New York (LPNY) held its annual convention in Syracuse, New York at the Genesee Grande Hotel, in which a number of resolutions were adopted. Among them was a resolution to push for the restoration of convict voting rights.

Currently, 48 states strip U.S. citizens of their right to vote when they are convicted of a crime. The LPNY overwhelmingly adopted a resolution urging these legislatures, including New York, to restore the voting rights of citizens convicted of crimes unrelated to elective franchise (election fraud). The resolution also urges Congress to restore federal voting rights to citizens convicted of crimes in the District of Columbia.

Mark E. Glogowski, the past and reelected chair of the LPNY, praised the membership for adopting the resolution: "I am proud that our membership has demonstrated that we are truly a party of principle who will lead the way in fighting for our rights as citizens of the United States. Now it is time for our party to step forward and to do what is necessary to make this resolution a reality."

You can view the entire text of the resolution on our website by clicking here or on the button below.