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Please Print this out and have it handy during the meeting.

1. Quorum. 2. Approve Prior Meeting minutes as published. 3. Chair's report- Statement of goal for meeting 4. Treasurer's Report (Gary Triestman); Correspondence Secretary (Audrey Capozzi), Political Director (John Clifton), Telecommunications Officer (Gary Triestman), Webmaster (Chris Edes)

5. Past-Chair report (Mark Axinn)

6. Budget and Strategic Planning Committee Report (Kevin Wilson) (All motions regarding the budget will be made during New Business)

7. Comments from Libertarian Candidates:

8. Chapter Development Committee a) Chapter Development Chairperson (Phil Ricci/James Rosenbeck/Chris Padgett) b) Temporary Chairperson reports: Broome County Shawna Cole Chenango County Jack Roque Erie County Edward Garrett Oneida County Charles Millar Otsego County Patrick Rigney Rockland County Brian MacRae Steuben County Brent Pryslopski Tompkins County Joe Mainville Wayne County Wesley Meadows c) Appointment of NEW Temporary Chairpersons (Kimberly Richards, Niagara County; Andrew Kolsee, Chautauqua County, James Wanke, Wyoming County); Comments: 2 min/each. d) Accept resignation of Willie Aponte as temporary chair of Westchester county. Nominations for new temporary chair for Westchester. e) Other motions/proposals/discussions concerning Chapter Development.

9. Chapter Reports Brooklyn Chapter Representative Gary Popkin Capital Chapter Representative Nathan Lebron Genesee County Chapter Representative Lisa Whitehead Greater Rochester Chapter Representative Steve Becker Hudson Valley Chapter Representative Jan-Erik Janson Manhattan Chapter Representative Helene Jnane Nassau Chapter Representative C. Mitchell Queens Chapter Representative John Clifton Saratoga County Chapter Representative Chris Laing Staten Island Chapter Representative Rich Bier Suffolk Chapter Representative Michael McDermott

10. Elections Campaign Committee Report (Brian Waddell)

11. National Platform Committee report: Chris Padgett (LPNY Rep) 12. Old Business. 13. New Business.

a) Social Media/Communications Committee: i) Mailings/Postal Permit/printing/ … (Kevin Wilson) Motions/proposals ii) Social media development (Gary Triestman/Phil Ricci/Jim Rosenbeck/Chris Edes/ Kimberly Richards/ …) Motions/proposals b) Budgets for LPNY membership drive (Postage, Printing, ...) for Chapter Development (Postage, ...) for registration Drive (County Fair, parades, … ) for social media development c) Discussions concerning posted empty positions Enrollment Drive Coordinator Free NY Editor Legislative Director Media Director Membership Director Statewide Candidate Search Chair Statewide Petitioning Coordinator 14 Announcements 15. Adjourn.