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Proposed agenda for Sunday, August 5, 2007
Meeting starts at 8 PM; call in as early as 7:45 PM
(605) 725-3600   Participant access code: 3733366

Call to order

info from the Chair:
* fundraising letter – cost $423.02 – good news/bad news
* Finan 
* Lib leadership in Las Vegas Feb 16 $150 for 1; $135 for 2-4; $125 for 5 or more
* items of concern to other states: website, database, convention planning, FEC, press releases, Robert’s Rules, managing the membership cycle
* candidates in NY (5? Schmidt, Levine, Edwards, Edes & Kessler)
* purpose of mailing list of all people who are local members. Bylaws say all members in good standing as of 12/31. Make sure it’s accurate
* on left-hand side of:
	check out files section
* organizational memory – tasks:
     schedule meetings
	Thank you, Audrey – new volunteer
     write up for LP News every month – Thank you again, Audrey
 (10 min)

Approval of July 1 & July 11 minutes – Patricia Rubacky not endorsed
Mike Houze - credentials
Eric Sundwall resigns from Platform Committee
(10 minutes)

2008 convention set for Saturday, April 26
M has volunteered to contact presidential candidates
Volunteer to act as contact for speakers
(5 min)

Jeffrey’s Adventures in Nidusland (30 min)

Other business (? min)