Document:LPNY Agenda 29 September 2020

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8:00 P.M. Call to Order and Confirmation of Quorum

8:05 P.M. Reading and Approval of the Minutes of the Organization Meeting of September 26-27, 2020. See the resources page for the draft minutes. (Andrew Kolstee)

8:15 P.M. Reports of Officers, Boards and Standing Committees

Chairman’s Report (Cody Anderson)

Update on legal action v. NYS

8:25 P.M. Treasurer's Report (Lora Newell)

8:35 P.M. Old Business

8:45 P.M. New Business

1. Appointment of committee chairs

a. Platform
b. Public Engagement
c. Fundraising
d. Local Affiliate Development
e. Political Operations
f. IT

2. Discussion of fundraising vehicles and NYSBOE committee status  

10:00 P.M. Adjourn