Document:LPNY Agenda 14 June 2020

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7:00pm  Call to order & quorum count
7:05pm Secretary’s report (Fred Cole)
7:15pm  Chair’s Report (Tony D’Orazio)
Convention Sitting 1 results
Convention Sitting 2 information
Region 8 meetings
7:25pm Treasurer/Finance Committee Report (Lora Newell)
7:35pm Fundraising Committee Report (Jim Harris)
7:40pm  Public Engagement Committee Report (Cody Anderson)
7:45pm Information Technology Committee Report (Andrew Kolstee)
7:50pm Outreach Committee Report (Mark Potwora)
7:55pm Rules Committee Report (Fred Cole)
8:00pmState Convention Planning (Ilya Schwartzburg)
                             Attached please find 2 bids received for two locations for our convention in September
8:20pm Old Business
Legal Updates
Ballot Access (Ilya Schwartzburg)
8:40pm New Business
9:00pm Adjorn