Document:LPNY Agenda 13 September 2020

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7:00 PM   Call to Order (quorum count)
7:05 PM    Chairman’s Report (Tony D’Orazio)
7:10 PM   Reading and Approval of Prior Meeting Minutes (Fred Cole)
Reports of Officers, Boards and Standing Committees
7:20 PM Finance Committee/Treasurer Report (Lora Newell)
7:30 PM Fund Raising Sub Committee Report (Jim Harris)
7:40 PM Outreach Committee Report (Mark Potwora) 
7:50 PM  Public Engagement Committee Report (Cody Anderson)
8:00 PM   Information Technology Committee Report (Andrew Kolstee)
8:10 PM  Legal Update (Ilya Schwartzburg)
8:20 PM  State Convention Committee Report
-        Modification to rules needed?
-        Other information
 8:35 PM  Old Business
8:40 PM  New Business
9:00 PM Adjourn