Document:LNC Resolution 7 July 1996 Regarding Curfews

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This is a resolution passed at the July 7, 1996 LNC meeting.

Whereas, Bill Clinton and Bob Dole and Republican and Democratic politicians at all levels are trying to outbid each other with demagogic demands that ever more draconian curfew laws be imposed on our young people; and,

Whereas, curfew laws restrict the freedoms and Constitutional rights of the vast majority of honest law-abiding young people, while having very little effect on teenage crime or gang activities; and,

Whereas, curfew laws effectively place all teenagers under house arrest even though they have done nothing wrong, thereby intruding government controls into family responsibilities and decisions; therefore,

Be it resolved, that the Libertarian Party calls for the elimination of all curfew laws which limit the times and places at which persons may be present, based merely upon their ages rather than harmful behavior.