Document:LNC Resolution 7-8 December 1985 Regarding Management and Audit Committee

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Resolved at the December 7-8 1985 LNC Meeting:

297.	MANAGEMENT AND AUDIT COMMITTEE: RESOLVED, that a five-person Management and Audit Committee appointed by the National Committee, the National Chair and National Director to be additional nonvoting, ex-officio committee members, is hereby created. One of the five regular members will be designated as Auditor. The Committee will review and/or propose National Committee operating procedures for conduct of the national headquarters, intra-National Committee relationships, job descriptions, and relations with State Parties and the membership _ All proposals made to the National Committee by the Chair of the Management and Audit Committee include a minority report, if applicable.   

Note: This was indexed in an official Resolution Index and identified as Resolution 297 therein. It is noted that this was amended at the September 2, 1987 and December 6, 1987 meetings. This is the amended language.