Document:LNC Resolution 6 January 2019 Regarding Support for Alternative Voting Methods

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This is a resolution proposed by Bill Redpat at the January 6, 2019 LNC meeting. It passed 15-0 by a show of hands with an informal roll call noted as:

Resolution Text

Whereas, the plurality voting election method is the weakest voting method and a deeply flawed way of electing government representatives and officers; and

Whereas, there are many alternatives to plurality elections, many of which have strong advocates promoting their specific benefits, and it is generally accepted by experts and advocates alike that there is no such thing as a perfect voting system, but each of these alternative systems is generally regarded as being superior to plurality elections; and

Whereas, there are many defenders of the status quo in the United States, and its many state and local jurisdictions, who are committed to preventing or limiting the adoption and implementation of these alternative voting systems that would give the public more effective choices on their ballots and thereby more power to hold their government representatives accountable;

Therefore, be it resolved, the Libertarian National Committee is committed to the widespread adoption and implementation of alternative voting methods to replace plurality voting elections.