Document:LNC Resolution 3 December 1983 Regarding Party Payment for Travel Expenses

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Resolved at the December 3, 1983 LNC Meeting:

PARTY PAYMENT FOR TRAVEL EXPENSES: Resolved, that travel by Party officers at Party expense must be for the explicit purpose of conducting Party business. Party business travel for Party Officers must be deemed necessary and approved by the National Chair or the National Committee, and must be authorized in writing by the National Chair. All travel expense reports are to be audited by the Treasurer, and approved by the Treasurer and the National Chair. Travel expense incurred by the National Committee members for the purpose of attending National Committee meetings are excluded from this policy. The National Committee may require a refund of costs upon a majority vote. Any person accepting travel expenses must sign an agreement that they will refund upon a vote of the National Committee.  

Note: This was indexed in an official Resolution Index and identified as Resolution 270C therein.